Management Science

picture of yash aneja

Yash Aneja, Ph.D.

Position: Professor, and Management Science Area Chair
Phone: Ext. 3110
Office: OB 408

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picture of alireza azimian

Alireza Azimian, Ph.D.

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: Ext. 4209
Office: OB 455

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picture of fazle baki

Fazle Baki, Ph.D.

Position: Professor and Associate Dean Programs
Phone: Ext. 3118
Office: OB 442

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picture of gokul bhandari

Gokul Bhandari, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: Ext. 3150
Office: OB 316A

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picture of ben chaouch

Ben Chaouch, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: Ext. 3149
Office: OB 414

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picture of brent furneaux

Brent Furneaux, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor
Master of Management Program Director
Phone: Ext. 3045
Office: OB 459

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picture of xiaolei guo

Xiaolei Guo, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: Ext. 3126
Office: OB 426

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picture of peter miller

Peter Miller, M.B.A

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: Ext. 3138
Office: OB 403

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picture of kevin li

Kevin Li, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: Ext. 3456
Office: OB 404

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picture of bharat maheshwari

Bharat Maheshwari, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor and Master of Management Program Director
Phone: Ext. 4256
Office: OB 402

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picture of esai selvarajah

Esai Selvarajah, Ph.D.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: Ext. 3105
Office: OB 401

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