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Welcome to Communication, Media and Film

Welcome to Communication, Media and Film (CMF) at the University of Windsor! 

Media are all around us, influencing how we think, how we make sense of our world and how we conduct our everyday lives. 

Our department offers a wide variety of media and communication courses that teach practical and conceptual skills. Are you ready to explore the contemporary media environment and its socio-political implications? Do you want to learn how to write a script or create a documentary? These are just a few exciting learning opportunities in CMF. 

CMF is one of a few programs in Canada that combines critical studies with digital media production skills. Our students develop writing, critical thinking, visual, technical, storytelling and professional workplace skills. Our faculty are experts in communication studies, media studies and the film industry.   

A degree in CMF prepares you to join creative and critical industries and stay relevant with rapidly changing social norms and new technologies; it leads to opportunities in work environments that are agile, impactful and evolving.  Prepare to be inspired to become a leader in your field - a degree in CMF will take you places! 

We'd LOVE to hear from you!  CMF@UWindsor.ca