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Graduate Alumni Showcase

Graduated 2014 with M.A. in Communication and Social Justice

Jane McArthur“I was thrilled to join the M.A. in Communication program with a social justice emphasis.

Through the course work and until my eventual thesis defense I felt strongly supported while also being intellectually stimulated and challenged by faculty who are knowledgeable and inspiring.

The program is unique and its approach and addresses critical issues of our time. I graduated from the program feeling a sense of accomplishment, of contributing to the pursuit of social justice in my own small way.

This Master’s degree has equipped me to continue my research in the area of breast cancer, its relationship to occupational and environmental factors, and the media’s role in communicating these issues.”

Graduated 2012 with M.A. in Communication and Social Justice

Fengchao Yu“The MA in Communication and Social Justice is a fantastic program and was a life changing experience for me.

The faculty in the program are so knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive. I received all the support I was looking for in terms of my academic study and personal life.

I not only gained knowledge, but more importantly, it opened my eyes to a unique critical perspective on the world. I am so proud of the program and the university.”

Graduated 2009 with M.A. in Communication and Social Justice

Crystal Kotow“Enrolling in the Communication and Social Justice M.A. program at the University of Windsor was one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

During my time in the program, I worked closely with remarkable professors, engaged with critical theory, and learned how to critically analyze the world around me. 

In addition to the academic experience, I made great friends in the program who were very supportive.  Immediately after graduating I secured a teaching position at George Brown College in Toronto, ON, and in September 2014 I’ll continue my academic journey at York University in the Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies Ph.D. program, further pursuing my passion for social justice.”

Graduated 2005 with M.A. in Communication and Social Justice

Michael BernardMichael currently works for Humane Society International/Canada, part of one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world.

As HSI/Canada’s Political Officer, he interacts with all levels of government across the country to improve animal protection laws and regulations for wildlife, farm animals, and companion animals. 

Michael also serves as HSI/Canada’s videographer and photographer and has helped document the commercial seal hunt, providing important evidence for international hearings at the WTO, along with numerous other animal rescues and cruelty cases.

Michael previously worked as Communications Officer for Climate Action Network, Media Relations Director for Sierra Club Canada and as a Press Secretary for Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada. He currently sits as President of Sierra Club Canada Foundation and also loves backcountry camping, the great outdoors and music.

Graduated 2004 with M.A. in Communication and Social Justice

Ghada ChehadeDr. Ghada Chehade, an alumnus of the MA Program in Communication and Social Justice at the University of Windsor, is a writer, independent social and political critic, and performance poet.

She recently obtained a Ph.D. from McGill University.

A two-time recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, she also received a Canada Graduate Scholarship from SSHRC to support her doctoral studies.

Her dissertation recently won the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing’s award for Best Dissertation in the Field of Rhetoric, Writing Studies and Discourse Analysis.

Her innovative work on the post-9/11 criminalization of dissent in Canada is currently being prepared for publication as a book.

Beyond her academic research, she has written widely on geo-political issues, with a recent emphasis on the Egyptian revolution.

Her award-winning poetry deals with issues of social justice and transformation. Her poems have also been published in a variety of venues, including a 2014 feminist anthology entitled Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space & Resistance.

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