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The Communication, Media. and Film Program offers internship courses for students who would like to obtain on-the-job skills in their area of specialization.

These courses are available to students in the four-year Honours program who have a cumulative GPA of 70%.

They are offered in both third year and fourth year. Admission to the courses is decided by the CMF Department based on the quality of the student's application. The grade for the course is determined on the basis of an evaluation by the employer and a written report by the student.

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)

(Winter 2016)

Lina Chaker"I was fortunate to complete my internship placement at a social-justice organization on campus. Building off of the momentum of starting a community kitchen on campus last summer, I interned as a Community Kitchen Co-ordinator at the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) to make it a reality.

This position allowed me to explore various unique roles within the not-for-profit sector, for which I am grateful. Supported and empowered to achieve the goals related to building organizational capacity of the new program, I spent my time developing relationships with community partners, creating evaluation tools for programming, and working on a complete advertising strategy, including a social media campaign.

Acquiring course credit for such a professional development opportunity can't be missed. I would recommend this internship program to any communications student, as it allows you to develop your skills in a learning environment. I particularly found OPIRG to be an ideal choice for my placement, as you are empowered to test out any idea you have, and encouraged to learn from your mistakes."

Greater Essex County District School Board

(Winter 2016)

Jeremy Houston"I had the pleasure of interning in the Public Relations Office at the Greater Essex County District School Board. My role was to pretty much work alongside the Public Relations Officer and construct news stories or webpage stories pertaining to events going on within the schools within the board.

I set out goals for myself at the beginning of my placement to become a better writer and to have a more solid understanding of the professional public relations world. I found this specific placement to be very helpful in helping me achieve my goals by allowing me to be independent with my work with a public relations professional close by at all times to act as a guide.

Internships are so important especially in today’s world because all employers look for experience. An internship allows for you to gain this professional experience where you are able to ask questions and are able to be given constructive feedback and guidance to reach your full potential.

I would definitely recommend an internship to anyone that is eligible because it provides an opportunity to test the waters for a future career plan. I had a feeling I wanted to work in the public relations world, but I was not 100% positive, but this internship solidified my career path and now I am confident in my decision."

The Dot Film Company

(Summer 2015)

Violet Azenbor"My internship with The Dot Film company allowed me to not only apply the knowledge I have acquired over the years as a Communications, Media, and Film student, but it also gave me room to build and acquire new knowledge and skills.

On a feature film, I played the role of second and third assistant director, which allowed me to work closely with the assistant director and production manager in planning out the shoot days and schedules as well as working craft services and running small errands.

I also got a chance to help out as a production assistant on the set of a commercial shoot and got the chance to be one of the talent agents for the University of Windsor’s Talent Agency.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that would like to be given a chance to apply the skills they have learned as a student in a professional setting working side by side with industry professionals that will help and guide you to success.

The internship gives interns a good safety net to learn, make mistakes, and grow with a peace of mind of knowing that it is all part of the learning experience. If anyone is looking to gain first hand experience in the various roles that Communications, Media, and Film allows students to potentially get, I would recommend the internship course, it not only gives you a chance to improve your craft but also gives you the opportunity to be sure of what the role you wish to obtain entails."

The Dot Film Company

(Summer 2015)


Erik de Paulsen"I was Gaffer for The Dot Film Company's The Control. I could not have asked for a better internship placement. I initially set goals to learn more about lighting, the process of making a film, and increasing my network of people - these goals got blown out of the water. The new skills I learned, the equipment I used, as well as the creative practical effects all helped me to learn more about my position on set.

The people I connected with during this placement are even more valuable than the knowledge I gained. The people I have met, including Mike Stasko and Eric Schiller, are individuals who have not only helped me learn during this experience, but mentors that can help me once I am finished university and onto my own projects.

This hands-on experience was my best way to learn. Even if you are a student looking to get into advertising, radio, television or anything else, do an internship."

The Dot Film Company

(Summer 2015)

Christina Bresolin"For my internship, I had the fortunate opportunity to work on the set of a feature film shot in Windsor called The Control, produced by The Dot Film Company. The three weeks I spent on set provided me with valuable experience and lots of great memories. My roles on the film were Associate Producer, Assistant to the Producers, and Second Assistant Director.

During the production, my main responsibility was to make and distribute the call sheet and daily script sides for the following day’s shoot. Working under the First Assistant Director and the Production Manager, I also helped with various tasks such as driving actors, setting up craft services, and coordinating with the catering service.

Working on this film has allowed me to gain the on set experience I need to prepare me for a career in film. I am beyond grateful for the learning opportunity and for all the good friends and connections I made with fellow CMF students.

I really hope future CMF students get the same opportunity I did to work on set, and that they are able to have the same positive experience."

The Dot Film Company

(Summer 2015)

Matthew Sabelli"My internship with the Dot Film Company was a great experience. It allowed me to work alongside professionals and my peers on an industry standard set. I feel that any student who is interested in this profession MUST take part in this experience.

It is a risk free learning environment that encourages education through one’s mistakes. The knowledge and skills gained throughout this internship are beneficial tools that will allow one to grow in this profession.

Although at times the internship proved to be both mentally and physically challenging, it did enable me to gather the necessary information needed to learn and improve the goals set out for myself in my future career.

The Dot Film Company helped guide my learning experience throughout this process. This internship gave me the capability to realize that this is the only profession for me. I am thankful to the CMF program and the Dot Film Company and am honoured to have worked on a film of this calibre."

The Dot Film Company

(Summer 2015)

Kurt Sasso"This summer I worked for The Dot Film Company through the University of Windsor, to help make the feature film The Control.

My role during filming included: Associate Producer, Digital Information Technology (backing up and verifying all daily footage), Behind the Scenes Photographer/Videographer, and Animator.

Through hard work, stepping up when not asked, and putting in long hours to ensure the footage was backed up and off site, I learned that you have a team and even a family environment all working towards a common goal, which is to make the best film possible.

When it comes to hands on experience in the workforce, nothing can beat an internship. I am glad I was able to further my knowledge through these experiences in an industry I have been working towards through school."

Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA)

(Fall 2014)

Jennifer Ymana"My internship took place at the DWBIA – an organization that supports small businesses in downtown Windsor. With little supervision, my task was to create two photo contests to help generate traffic into the downtown businesses.

This involved creating legislation, press releases, advertisements, and convincing small business owners to market their businesses.

This placement provided me with insight into an office atmosphere, and it challenged me to put my education into practice.

I was able to improve my personal and professional skills to better prepare myself for my future career. What I learned at my internship cannot be taught in class.

This experience is essential to prepare yourself for the real world. It is a great opportunity to add to your resume while building connections, and you learn about yourself and your future career path.

I recommend to everyone to consider interning at a place of interest. It is a rewarding experience."

Liquidwild Inc.

(Summer 2014)

Andra Cristina Latiu"I had an amazing experience with a group of talented, passionate, innovative media owners. Liquidwild is a small company focused on creative design, advertising, commercial photography, website design, and promotional videos.

Through this opportunity I was challenged everyday and learned to open my mind to all of the different possibilities capable with production.

We worked on many fun projects and got to work with some amazing brands, so I have learned what companies want and look for in advertising campaigns and promotional work.

I have learned a lot about the industry that I can take with me in any part of the workforce.

I truly recommend this internship program. The lessons you learn and the challenges you face in the workplace can transfer to almost any situation in life.

Learning outside of the box results in thinking outside of the box-- something that everyone must learn in order to grow and change!"

ROI Relations

(Summer 2014)

Dalia Mazhar"Over the summer I completed my second internship at a Public Relations Agency based in Toronto. My tasks as an intern included tracking client mentions, reaching out to media, event planning, and working on social media for brands such as Maybelline New York, Garnier Canada, Essie, and The Body Shop.

This placement offered me insight into the PR world, helped me build connections, network with media, and express creativity. This internship also molded and improved some of my personal and professional skills.

I believe that having hands on experience is an essential part of learning and growing as a person. Not only is it substantial experience for your professional career but it also teaches you a lot about yourself.

It's a great way to learn your strengths and weaknesses, grow as a person, and meet new people. I recommend everyone participate in an internship at least once in their University career."

(Winter 2014)

Melissa Andrade Isaza"I was able to secure a placement with as a Style Guru intern. I was assigned to write for the Fashionista/Fashionisto Spotlight section of their website. I contribute as a weekly columnist.

My job is to go out and photograph as well as interview different students around campus and ask them questions regarding current style trends and their fashion. With CollegeFashionista I’ve been able to attend different workshops and webinars that have developed my branding, marketing, and writing skills.

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from fashion industry executives through sessions hosted by my placement. I’ve also learned a lot from the weekly feedback I’ve received from my editors.

My writing and photography skills have improved so much due to it. Through my placement, I’ve been presented with the opportunity to attend a conference in New York City this summer in which I’ll be learning from industry experts and have the chance to attend exclusive panel discussions and more."

UWindsor Varsity Track & Field

(Winter 2014)

Milos Savic"My placement for this semester is with the Varsity Track and Field team. The current recruitment video is outdated and of low quality and I have been tasked with creating an advanced video using my filmmaking and athletic experience.

While I focus on the production aspect of the Communication, Media, and Film program I have acquired a knowledge for mainstream media that allows me to create a film that will both convey the message wanted by the Athletic coaches but also be visually appealing to the targeted audience.

In class, I have learned techniques, theories, and proper use of equipment. However, with this placement opportunity, I was able to experience dealing with real employers, customers, talent, production problems, and many more experiences that are unique to working in the field.

I recommend every student engage in the Internship program. Why? It offers a great learning experience; allows you to create an exciting project and it looks great on your CV."

Fogolar Furlan Club

(Winter 2014)

Joshua Spadafora"My name is Joshua Spadafora and I’ve been working with the Fogolar Furlan Club as a placement this winter semester. I have been running the club’s social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, along with shooting a how-to-plan a wedding video which will be embedded to the Fogolar’s website.

In addition, I am working redesigning the website while helping to integrate a mobile optimized version.

This placement has offered me a change of pace in my final year of study that is welcomed and it has been a rewarding challenge. For me, I am working with a client directly to deliver a video production while independently working on my own projects.

Being a double-major with an emphasis on Biological Sciences, this practicum has been vital in exploring the Communications, Media, and Film portion of my degree and has offered a glimpse into what my future career may entail.

It is a valuable experience for any post-secondary student seeking a challenge and a taste of what is available for my future. It sure beats writing papers!"