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Undergraduate Program

Program Overview

The Department of Communication, Media and Film provides students with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional forms of media as well as emerging new media/digital platforms.

Our program offers students the opportunity to develop the conceptual and critical skills necessary to interpret our media saturated world and the dynamic changes engendered by rapidly developing communication technologies.

We prepare students to become more astute consumers of the products of media culture and to consider the fundamental role that various media play in our everyday lives. However, our students are also engaged as producers through an array of “hands-on” courses that enable students to produce their own stories about their experiences and communities in a variety of media formats. This combination of both theory and practice makes our program unique and exciting. 

Graduates of our program find gainful employment in both the public and private sectors and in areas such as media production, government and corporate research, policy/communications advisor, media and public relations, media education, community organizing, etc.

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Communication, Media and Film Student Recruitment

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