Communication Students' Association (CSA)

The Communication Students' Association (CSA) is part of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) and its purpose is to represent CMF students at the University of Windsor.   
CSA brings our students together to plan and facilitate networking events and/or fundraise for CSA activities and community organizations.  Getting involved is a great opportunity to engage with a diverse group of students, act as a liaison between Faculty/Staff and students and gain valuable skills to take into the workplace while having fun!  
2023-24 Executive Team
Mya Bezaire, President (bezair21@uwindsor.ca)
Sean O’Neil, Co-Vice President of Events & Finance
Ali Baloch, Co-Vice President of Events & Finance 
William De La Cruz Lesie, Co-Vice President of Marketing 
Jaxon Moore, Co-Vice President of Marketing 
Alyna Komal, Secretary & International Student Representative 
Zeina Abou Haidar, Secretary 
Team Members
Monica Karch, Double Major Representative 
Kyan Oberas, BFA Film Representative
Daniel Rojas Cantor, Events Coordinator
To stay up to date on all things CSA, make sure to follow them on Instagram (@csa_uwindsor).
Have questions about CSA or are looking to be involved? Send them a DM on social media OR email them at csacmf@uwindsor.ca. You can also visit their office in Lambton Tower in room 4107.