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Major Research Papers

Major Research Papers (MRP) - link to Grad Studies website are approximately 35-45 pages in length.

They are a piece of original scholarly research that augments or enhances knowledge of the topic under investigation.

A list of recently completed MRPs

Jessop, Mackenzie.  2021.  Revisiting Asian American Representations in Hollywood:  Negotiating Identity, Gender, and Sexuality.

Milanis, Amanda.  2021.  Changing the Game:  A Critical Media Analysis of ESPN and espnW.

Baillargeon, Paul.  2021.  Asymmetrical Governance:  Auditing Algorithms to Preserve Due Process Rights.

Chmaissany, Maya.  2020.  Counter-Hegemonic Self-Representation of Arabs and Muslims in Popular Media.

Scholl, Benjamin J.  2020.  An Ethnography of Early Canadian Varsity Esports.

D'hondt, Fox. 2020. A Content Analysis of the Narrative in Game of Thrones:  Exploring How Game of Thrones Resists Neoliberal Ideology.

Szczyglowski, Brittany. 2019. 'Bigger than football': A capacities and signals approach to the NFL kneeling protests.

Betancur, Carolina. 2019. ‘Go Out Museums!’ Museums Political Relevance Within the Current Media Environment.

O'Gorman, Brenna. 2019. #TrippinWithTarte: The Immaterial Labour of Selling Calculated Authenticity and Glamour On Instagram.

Vido, Jasmine.  2019. A Critical Investigation of Bell Let's Talk.

Ntahonsigaye, Mirella Kami. 2018. 'Fake News Hysteria': How an Analysis of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds Broadcast Can Inform the Issue of 'Fake News'.

Milenkovic, Darko. 2018. Native Advertising Disclosures in Journalism: An Assessment on the Accurate Reporting of Disclosure Wording in Conveying Advertising Intent.

Gould, John. 2018. Communicative Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation: Exploring Ideology in the Calgary Herald.

McLaren, Jackson. 2018. Recognize Me: An Analysis of Transgender Media Representation.

Khanna, Rohan. 2018. How Disney’s Abc Avoided Reporting Electronic Arts Star Wars Game Micro-Transactions.

El-Khatib, Samar. 2018. Refuting the Sharing Economy: An Examination of Mainstream and Critical Perspectives.

Forbes, Erin. 2018. Manufacturing the Mythology of “Be- Leaf”: A Thematic Analysis of 2017 Playoff Coverage in the Toronto Star.

Suitor, Sharon. 2017. #AmINext: Resisting Marginalization and Violence through First Nations Hashtag Activism.

Peach, Harmony. 2017. “Two Minutes to Register” Consent to Organ and Tissue Donation in Ontario: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the province’s official recruitment and registration website

Yarkin, Parma. 2017. The Globe and Mail’s Coverage of the “Troll under the Bridge” : Matty Moroun.

Farshori, Farwa. 2016. Social Innovation: A Promotional Tactic for the Neoliberal University or a Means of Change?.

Brooks, Mason Elliot. 2016. "Continuity Through Change": Twitter's Exploitation of #BlackLivesMatter.

Romanko, Anne-Marie. 2016.  A Curriculum in Capitalism: EnRICHed Start as Neoliberal Financial Literacy Education.

Alsaadi, Miram. 2016. Beauty and the Online World: A Visual and Textual Analysis of Personal Branding and the YouTube Beauty Guru.

Lilly, Vanessa. 2015. Restoring Rehtaeh Parsons’ Rape Narrative-An Analysis of #YouKnowHerName on Twitter.

Wang, Shuo. 2015. Home and Away: Representing the Chinese Homosexual Diaspora in The Wedding Banquet (1993) and Happy Together (1997).

Kim Jihong. 2015. South Korean Cinema in the 21st century: Reading Park Chan-Wook's Vengeance Trilogy.

Cardin, Melodie. 2015. Midwifery in Ontario Hospitals: Negotiating Power, Advocacy and “Alternatives”.

Armbruster, Natalie. 2015.  The Corporate Co-Optation of the "Natural" Food Label: A Case Study of Maple Leaf Food's Natural Selections Line.

Mastrocola, Daniela. 2014.  The Canadian Seal Wars on CBC News.

Nardone, Jaclyn. 2014. Beyond The ‘Free Speech Wall’: The 'Conservative Labyrinth' On Canadian Campuses.

Landry, Andrea. 2014. Defenders of the Land: The Canadian Broadcasting Company`s portrayal of Indigenous Struggle.

O’Meara, Victoria. 2014. SlutWalk in the News: Women in Protest and the Canadian Mainstream Media.

Krizan, Lydia. 2013. Intensive Livestock Operations: Analysis Of Mainstream Media Coverage.

Shuraydi, Amny. 2013. All-American Muslim:  A Review of Contemporary Arab American Identity, Double Consciousness, and Orientalist Perspectives.

Harney, Sarah. 2013. Occupying The Globe And Mail: The Story Of The 99% As Told By The 1%. 

O’Brien, Joseph. 2013. Tattoos In Media Representations: An Examination Of Subcultural Or Figurational Characteristics.

Keown, Mary Katherine. 2013. Shootinggenocide Documentary Photography and the 1994 Rwandan Genocide: An Exploration of Political Messaging, the Visual Representation of Pain and Memorialization.

Gacesa, Jelena. 2013. Mail Order Brides, Brides, Prostitutes And Domesticated Housewives: How Hollywood Hijacked The Eastern European Woman.

Aytimur, Hilal. 2012. Reproductions Of Theodicy In Hollywood’s Mainstream Horror Cinema.

Fowlow, Patrick. 2012. Banksization: How Bansky Follows the Tenets of McDonaldization and Disneyization to Create His Brand.

Rolfe, Meghan. 2012. A Multiperspectival Analysis of Beauty Advertisements in Teen Vogue: Exploring How the “Beauty Ideal” is Sold to Teens.

Yu, Fengchao. 2011. The Egyptian Uprising: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Coverage in the Toronto Star.

Feng, Xue. 2011. The Picture of Consumerism, Mammonism and Materialism in the Life Circle of the “Affluent 2nd Generation” In China—Semiotic Analysis of Familyⁿ (2011).

Paglione, Joshua. 2011. The Commodification of Gay Politics: An examination of local media coverage of the Windsor Pride Festival.

Devin, Alexandria. 2010. The Cost of Friendship: The Commodification of User Information on Facebook.

Kotow, Crystal. 2010. Fat-Positivity or Positively Disappointing? : An Examination of the Representation of Woman on More to Love.

Freitas, Chris. 2010. Where Do We Go From Here? A Subcultural Analysis of Female-Fronted Goth Metal.

Petgrave, Ramon. 2010. Hip Hop Music and Black America: An Investigation into the Representational Work of Hip Hop Videos.

Aladejebi, Jenyo. 2009. Black Masculinity and Reality Television: The Flavor of Love Show.

Parent, Brian G. 2008. Drumming to a Different Beat: Coverage of the Live 8 Concerts in Mainstream and Alternative Media.