James P. Winter, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. Mass Communication, Syracuse University, 1981
  • Master of Journalism, Carleton University, 1977


  • Books written - 5
  • Books edited - 2
  • Chapters in books - 19
  • Articles in refereed journals - 20
  • Refereed papers in published conference proceedings - 2
  • Refereed conference papers - 46

Books Written

  • 2007 Lies The Media Tell Us, Black Rose Books, Montreal. 293 pages.
  •  2002 MediaThink, Black Rose Books, Montreal, 185 pages.
  • 1997 The Big Black Book: The Essential Views of Conrad and Barbara Amiel Black, Stoddart Publishing, Toronto. (With Maude Barlow), 250 pages.
  • 1996 Democracy’s Oxygen: How Corporations Control The News, Black Rose Books, Montreal, 220 pages. Second Edition, 1997.
  • 1992 Common Cents: Media Portrayal of the Gulf War and Other Events, Black Rose Books, Montreal, 304 pages.

Books Edited

  • 1990 The Silent Revolution: Media, Democracy and the Free Trade Debate, University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa. 196 pages.
  • 1988 Press Concentration and Monopoly, Ablex, New Jersey (with Robert Picard, Maxwell McCombs and Stephen Lacy). 240 pages.

Some Chapters Contributed to Books

  • 2010 “War as peace: The Canadian Media in Afghanistan,” in Richard Lance Keeble, John Tulloch and Florian Zollman (eds.), Peace Journalism, War and Conflict Resolution, p287-300. (New York: Peter Lang).
  • “Reporting on the Pharmaceutical Industry: Profit before People, in Jeffery Klaehn Ed), The Political-Economy of Media and Power, p243-272. (New York: Peter Lang).
  • 2007 “Jimmy Carter’s Trip to Cuba: A Critical Analysis,” a chapter in Eloína Miyares Bermúdez and Leonel Ruiz Miyares (eds.) Linguistics in the twenty-first century. 2007. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press. 197-202. (With Robert Everton).
  • “Preface To MediaThink” in Kent Lewis (Ed) Word and World: A Critical Thinking Reader, Nelson Thomson Learning, Toronto, February. PP. 299-311.
  • 2006 “How Jimmy Carter spent his Cuban Vacation: Media Coverage and ideological bias,” in Jeffery Klaehn (Ed), Bound By Power: Intended Consequences, Black Rose Books. (With Robert Everton). November. Pp. 150-187.
  • 2005 “Canadian Critical Communication,” in David Berry and John Theobald (Eds) Radical Mass Media Criticism: A Cultural Genealogy, Black Rose Books. (With Robert Babe). October. Pp. 140-160.
  • “The Propaganda Model Under Protest,” in Jeffery Klaehn (Ed) Filtering News: Essays on Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model: A Reader, Black Rose Books, Montreal. (With Jeffery Klaehn). September. Pp. 164-186.

Some Articles in Refereed Journals

  • 2008 “Public salaries and private excess: a study in media contrasts,” Ethical Spaces: The International Journal of Communication Ethics, Vol. 5:3, Summer.
  • 2007 “As Canada joins the ‘colonialists’ club’ the corporate news media applaud,” Ethical Spaces: The International Journal of Communication Ethics, Vol. 4:1, Winter.
  • 2006 “Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter and George Bush in the Canadian Media: A Critical Analysis,” The Fifth-Estate-Online, International Journal of Radical Mass Media Criticism, July. With Robert Everton.
  • James Winter, “Canadian News Media Wannabe Americans: A Dishonourable Past and Dangerous Future,” (commentary) The Fifth-Estate-Online, International Journal of Radical Mass Media Criticism, December 2006.
  • 2003 “Media Coverage of an Imminent Bloodbath in East Timor: What was Known, and When?” Portuguese Studies Review, 11:1, 2003, pp. 85-101. With Robert Everton.

Academic Service

  • 2010 - Member of the Senate of the University of Windsor, 1995-1997, 2002-2004; 2010-2011.
  • 2009 - Founder, University of Windsor chapter of Cinema Politica.
  • WebMaster, The Fifth Estate Online, International refereed electronic journal of communication.
  • 2008 - Member, editorial board, Ethical Space, The International Journal of Communication Ethics
  • 2005 - Member, editorial board, The Fifth Estate Online, An International, refereed electronic journal of communication. http://www.fifth-estate-online.co.uk/index1.html
  • 1988-2003 Editorial Board Member, The Canadian Journal of Communication.
  • 1995-2000 Founding editor and publisher, Flipside, a muckraking alternative online webzine.
  • 1987-1999 Editorial Board Member, The Journal of Media Economics. Louisiana State University.
  • 1981-1995 Editorial Board Member, The Newspaper Research Journal.
  • 1990-1993 Founding Editor, The Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication, a refereed, bilingual, international journal.

Selected Articles of a Scholarly Nature

  • 2009 "A warm, family welcome for Barack Obama; Citizens of the world have more in common with America's 'first black president' than they might think, say geneticists and anthropologists," The Edmonton Journal, Feb 25, 2009. p. A.19
  • "Science proves no genetic reason for racism," The Windsor Star, Feb 20, 2009. p. A.6
  • “Feminist-bashing summer pastime,” The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, August 20, 2009, pg. A9.
  • 2008 “Haiti: Creating and Maintaining a ‘Failed State,’” Media Development, May. 
  • “Why do many promote U.S.-style health care?” The Windsor Star, February 18.
  • "Private-sector golden handshakes excessive," The Windsor Star, May 26, 2008. p. A.6
  • “The Canadian Media’s relentless Push for Privatized Medicine,” ZNET, Z Magazine Online, February 12.
  • “Media ignoring findings of qualified scientists,” The Windsor Star, January 14, p. A6.
  • 2007 “Political Science Masquerading as Climate Science,” ZNET, Z Magazine On line, December 13, 2007.
  • “Oil industry bankrolls climate change sceptic,” The Windsor Star, December 18, p. A8.
  • “Canada on the margins,” The Windsor Star, August 30, A6.
  • "MMP serves democracy," The Windsor Star, Oct 4, 2007. p. A.8
  • 2002 “Aspers May Be Good For Journalism,” The Straight Goods, June.
  • “Canada’s Media Monopoly: One perspective is enough, says CanWest,” Extra! May/June, p28-29.
  • “Media Report on Labour Like a Big Business Would,” The Scoop, March.