Web Form - Submissions, Notifications and Receipts

Viewing Submissions

To view all the submissions, log into the website, go to your web form and select the Results tab.

Webform Results Tab

In Results, you can view your submissions, perform basic analysis, view in table format, download the results to Excel or look at your e-commerce transactions.

The tab "Transactions" provides the best overview of e-commerce submissions because it also shows if the payment was successful.

Results screen with various tabs highlighted.

Information About Receipts

E-commerce receipts are issued after the transaction is completed in the users' browser. Emailed receipts are not possible.

Users can print the online receipt for their records or write down the correlation ID (this is used to look up transactions).

Sample receipt:

Sample e-commerce receipt

Adding Email Notifications

To access the notifications settings, go to the ‘Webform’ tab shown below. This will give you access to e-mail notification options.

E-mail notifications tab

To create a notification, simply select whether the email-to is an address or a value of a component (for example, if a select option contains a list of names and emails as values).

Notification add email address field

On the next screen, fill out the settings. The following options are available to you:

  • E-mail Subject
  • E-mail From Address
  • E-mail From Name
  • E-mail Template (body)

Save the settings. Now. whenever a form submission is entered, an email notification will be sent.