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Creating a page redirect

Sometimes the URL that Drupal will assign your page is too long or overly complicated and not suited for publication or for ease of remembering. In that case, on a limited basis, you can assign a simpler URL for your page.

A regular page URL looks like this:

Diagram showing the parts of a URL address

All of those elements are automatically assigned and cannot be changed by a Content Editor.

You may prefer that the URL, for example, be something more easily remembered like

You can assign a more "friendly" URL by going into page edit and selecting the "URL redirects" button from the left menu.

URL redirects button from the page edit menu

Select "Add URL redirect to this content".

Adding a URL redirect input screen

This will open an input screen. You can enter the existing page URL, the "From" field and then the new URL you would like to use, the "To" field. Then select Save.

URL redirect input screen

In our example above, would now automatically forward to

Content editors can create redirects for any page within their site as long as it includes both the domain ( and the site title (eg. engineering).


  • A redirect will no longer work if the original page is deleted, unpublished or moved
  • Only IT Services can create a redirect right from without a site title
  • Only IT Services can create a different domain like
  • Do not redirect every page on your site, this function is for limited use on particular pages