Graduate Lounge & Building Access

Graduate Lounge

Location: Floor 2, Faculty of Education Building

For many years, the Faculty of Education has provided a study area for the use of Education Graduate students only. This space has recently been redecorated, and new computers have been installed. The new tables and chairs are regularly used by our students when conducting group work, completing GA assignments, or reading. A skylight in the centre of the main room offers natural lighting.

A conversation area, against the west wall, is often used for group discussions, or relaxing, and it is a great place to meet fellow colleagues. A microwave has been provided for student use, and washroom facilities are housed within the lounge. Lockers are available for use on a daily basis.

The Seminar Room, featuring a SMART board, was created in the south-west corner of the lounge. This room is used for Major Paper, Thesis, and Dissertation Defences, meetings related to the graduate program, student collaboration and practising class presentations and Defences.

PhD student offices are situated in the lounge, and each is equipped with 3 desks. The windows in the offices provide natural lighting which is much easier for the eyes during long hours of study.

Swipe card entry is required to access the lounge and all Education Graduate students are welcome to apply for a key at any time during the program. A $25 deposit is required before the card can be obtained, adn the deposit is returned to the student when the card is returned to Physical Plant.

How to apply for Graduate Lounge and Education Building Access

If you are interested in accessing the Graduate Lounge and the Faculty of Education building at any time, please register on the University of Windsor KeyControl System External Link. Only those with access cards will be able to gain entry to the lounge and the building.

Access Card Guidelines

  1. Graduate Students must be registered in the Education Graduate Program at the time that you apply for this card or at the time of requesting re-activation.
  2. The card is to be used for your access only to the building or the Graduate Lounge.
  3. There will be a deposit fee of $25 charged to your student account, and, upon return of the card, this charge will be removed from your account. It is the student’s responsibility to pay this amount to the Cashier’s Office before obtaining the card. If there is already an access card deposit on your account, there will be no additional charge.
  4. Cards are activated for only one term; they may be renewed.

How to Apply for an Access Card

Online Form External Link - To be completed when requesting access to the Education building and the Graduate Lounge