Thesis Proposal

1. After completing all coursework, you may begin to develop your Thesis Proposal.

2. Arrange for a Faculty member to be your Thesis Advisor as you near completion of your coursework.

3. Complete a Thesis Agreement contract with your Advisor and immediately submit it to the Education Graduate Program Office for processing. If changes are later required on your Thesis Agreement, please make the changes, and submit the revised form to the Education Graduate Program Office before requesting to go forward to defence.

4. Upon completion of all require courses and electives, register in the Thesis Proposal course (EDUC-8940) and the Thesis (EDUC-8970) every term until your Thesis Proposal has been successfully defended. Once the Thesis Proposal has been successfully completed, register in the Thesis every term until your Thesis is completed.

5. Review the PDF Download Student Thesis Proposal Guidelines before beginning to work on your Thesis Proposal.

6. Complete the Thesis Proposal with your Advisor.

7. When your Advisor agrees that your Thesis Proposal is ready to go to defence, request that your Principal Advisor and Department Reader make arrangements for the defence by setting the time of the defence and booking the room for it.


The Thesis Proposal defence will be conducted as follows:

i.) The student presents a 10-15 minute presentation, to the Advisor and the Reader, which demonstrates that the candidate has met the requirements established in the Student Thesis Proposal Guidelines.  The External Examiner does not participate in the Thesis Proposal Defence.  The Advisor chairs the defence.

ii.) This will be followed by an informal discussion regarding adjustments and future steps.

iii.) The Advisor must submit the Thesis Proposal Defence Grade Report to the Education Graduate Program Office within working 2 days
of the successful defence.

9. Complete the PDF Download Master’s Committee Form after your Thesis Proposal defence (obtain all committee member initials) and submit it to the Education Graduate Program Office where it will be signed by the Associate Dean (GRC) and then sent to the Office of Graduate Studies. A copy will go into the student file. Be sure to include the Non-Exclusive License to the University of Windsor with your PDF Download Master’s Committee Form.

10. After you have successfully defended your Thesis Proposal, you will continue to register in the Thesis (EDUC-8970) the following term and every consecutive term after your first registration in it. A PASS means that the student has passed the defence with recommendations for improvement. Registration in the Thesis must be done with an Add/Drop form, signed by your Advisor, and submitted to the Education Graduate Program Office. You cannot use the SIS to register in it.