Masters Committee

All students who are completing a Thesis are required to complete a Master's Committee form (available on the Graduate Studies Form website).

This form is to be completed, and the initials of every committee member must be on the form, before it is submitted to the Education Graduate Program office.

The Master's Committee form must be completed and submitted before the end of the student's first term of registration in the Thesis Proposal (EDUC-8940) and Thesis (EDUC-8970)

The program office will obtain the Associate Dean's signature.

The original form will be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the photocopied form will be filed in the student's file.

"Non-Exclusive License to the University of Windsor" Form

This form previously was called the "Copyright License" form. It is available on the Graduate Studies website External Link. The student is responsible for completing this form before the end of their first term of registration in the Thesis (EDUC-8970) OR Dissertation (EDUC-9980).

NOTE: The Office of Graduate Studies has requested that both the Master's Committee form and the Non-Exclusive License to the University of Windsor form be submitted to them at the same time.