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Peer Collaboration Network

The Peer Collaboration Network (PCN) is a voluntary teaching observation program through which faculty can develop their teaching practices. Teachers benefit from their participation in the network by being able to, create new networks, exchange ideas with others, and demonstrate their effectiveness and dedication to teaching. Participation in the network is non-evaluative, confidential, reciprocal, and does not pose a significant time commitment to those involved.

As part of the PCN, participants commit to three meetings with a peer, the central one being a classroom observation. The process begins with a short meeting between an observer and an observee, at which time the two parties discuss specific aspects of teaching on which the observer would like feedback during the classroom observation. Following the classroom observation, the observer and observee meet to exchange ideas and discuss the feedback provided. The collaborators are encouraged to switch roles and continue the dialogue through a reciprocal observation, but one-way participation is also valued and supported.

Your contacts for the PCN are David M. Andrews and Judy A.K. Bornais.

 Visit the PCN website.

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