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Faculty of Graduate Studies


The Faculty of Graduate Studies is the home faculty for all graduate students enrolled at the University of Windsor. It develops graduate policy and procedures, oversees all admission and in-course program changes, and administers all graduate scholarships and awards.

Graduate Studies is available to support faculty, students, and staff in all aspects of graduate education. All decisions are consistently driven by a Faculty-wide investment in quality, consistency, collaboration, and fairness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and their answers may help clarify some of the ways in which you can work with Graduate Studies as a faculty member:

Faculty members are eligible to begin supervising students once you have applied for and been approved to hold graduate faculty status. Please complete the online application to get started.
The graduate coordinator in your program will receive advanced notification of all scholarship applications and will circulate them to faculty members. Alternatively, information on all scholarships can be found online via the Graduate Studies Scholarships and Awards webpage.
Applicants are eligible to be considered should they apply and their application be processed by the posted deadline for each academic term. Applicants must have an 80% cumulative average in the previous degree to be considered. See Graduate Studies' Entrance Scholarship Deadlines page for more information.

Graduate Studies is located on the third floor of Chrysler Hall Tower. To reach the Faculty, dial Extension 2019 for Reception. For further information, consult the Graduate Studies website.

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