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Course Outlines

Bylaw 54 and 55 states that a hard copy of the final version of course outlines is to be submitted to the Head by the end of the second week of classes. The head reviews each outline to ensure that the information on the syllabi conforms with Senate requirements.

Some Faculties have developed a course outline template which must be used by all instructors. These templates were developed in consultation with the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the University Secretariat and should include all items that need to be in the course outline, in accordance with Senate bylaws and policies, and Faculty policies.

For information on what must be on the course outline, read Senate Bylaw 54, 2.1 for undergraduate courses and Senate Bylaw 55, 2.1 graduate courses, via the University Secretariat's Senate Bylaws page.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or a related matter, your first point of contact is Renée Wintermute, the University Secretary.

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