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Student Misconduct: Academic

The process for adjudicating academic misconduct matters is outlined in Senate Bylaw 31. Instructors submit allegations of academic misconduct to the Head on an AI Form 1.

The role of the head, in the academic integrity process, is to review the documentation and either dismiss the matter (either before or after a meeting with the student), offering a teachable moment where appropriate, or forward the matter to the Associate Dean for further review.

Under Bylaw 31, only Associate Deans and the Discipline Appeal Committee can impose sanctions.

If you choose to forward the matter to the Associate Dean for further review, complete the bottom section of the AI Form 1 and send it to the Associate Dean’s office.

Always assess the merits of potential misconduct cases with careful consideration of whether misconduct occurred. Prior to filing a complaint, the instructor should determine the advisability of an educational response (i.e., a teachable moment), in cases where the act is determined to be the result of an oversight, error or lack of understanding of expectations on the part of the student. In such cases, a teachable moment offered by the instructor should be considered in lieu of filing or pursuing a complaint.

Teachable moments are a learning opportunity for the student, whereby the instructor engages in an informal lesson or discussion with the student on the particular matter. Teachable moments can be a more appropriate and effective way of reaching and educating the student, and mitigating repeat offences, than the pursuit of a complaint and/or the imposition of any sanction.

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