Study Permit Extension Checklist

  • Enrollment certificate from (ask for the letter to have your program completion date listed on it, DO NOT use the enrollment certificate from UWinsite Student Portal) and transcript from UWinsite Student Portal
  • ELIP enrollment letter and transcript from CELD (ELIP students and graduates only)
  • Letter of Acceptance (if you haven’t started your academic program yet)
  • Co-op letter (if need to apply for co-op work permit at the same time) (UWinsite Student Portal>Academics > Self Service Letters)
  • Transcripts from other Canadian institutions (if applicable)
  • A valid passport
  • A valid study permit
  • Recent Canadian passport-size photo
  • proof of a Canadian bank account in your name
  • proof of a student/education loan from a financial institution
  • your bank statements for the past four months
  • a bank draft in convertible currency
  • proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees
  • a letter from the person or institution providing you with money
  • proof of funding paid from within Canada if you have a scholarship
  • A medical report may be required if you have done a medical exam within last 12 months or have lived in a designated country that requires a medical exam for more than 6 months in the past 12 months. (Note that Canada is not a designated country.)

Students who have the following situations are highly recommended to include a letter of explanation in the application:

  • Attended multiple programs/institutions
  • Had authorized/unauthorized leaves
  • Previous application was rejected or refused
  • Want to start a new program/institution
  • Had completed prerequisite courses/programs (eg, ELIP), and would like to change the employment remarks on the study permit
  • Need to apply for a co-op work permit at the same time
  • Change names, passport information on the study permit
  • $150 CAD per person
  • $85 Biometrics Fee (if applicable)

You are also required to fill out the IMM 5709 Form. On our ISC Blackboard page under Immigration & Visa > Study Permit Extension there is an application template to help you fill out the application questionnaire and IMM 5709 form