ISC Brightspace Announcements

Feb 6, 2024

Starting this week, we will no longer be sending out the bi-weekly ISC Newsletter. However, we are still accepting articles to send to the International Students - please include a start date and end date if possible. These articles will be shared with everyone through our ISC Brightspace announcements. 

Submit an Article Now

The ISC reserves the right to determine whether requests will be published based on their relevance to our students.


Things to remember

  • Your article title should be short, to the point, and intriguing 
  • The article summary (the portion that is actually shown in the email) should give the reader an idea of your article
  • The full article should be hosted on your website or another site for us to direct a student to by using a phrase such as "Read More" 
  • Pictures speak a thousand words - if you can provide an image to be a part of your article, that is best