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person filling out self-assessment

Can you spot a phishing attempt? Do you know how to thwart a tech-support scam?

To wrap up Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021, Information Technology Services has launched Cybersecurity Learning Modules and Self-Assessment for faculty, staff, and students to test their skills.

IT Services is offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet to encourage participation.

All you need to do is complete the self-assessment by 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 28 to be eligible for a chance to win the prize. One winner will be selected in a random draw and will be contacted by email in the days following.

UWinsite Student logo

A scheduled UWinsite Student update will cause the system to be unavailable from 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18, to the evening of Monday, Nov. 22.

In preparation for the update, Information Technology Services is asking faculty, staff, and students who access the platform to be mindful of how this could affect them. The offices of the Registrar, Student Accounts, Student Awards and Financial Aid will be closed during this time.

The team behind the update is working to minimize its impact.

“We know how vital the system is to our campus operations, so it has been mostly scheduled over a weekend, during a quieter period,” says Lorraine Chandler, acting University Registrar.

For students with Winter 2022 registration appointment times prior to Nov. 18, the shopping cart and registration features will be paused during the four-day period. The courses added to the cart prior to the evening of Nov. 18 will be available once the system is back online.

Other campus systems will be minimally affected, and students can expect to continue using Blackboard Learn while UWinsite Student is offline. Anyone who needs a transcript prior to Nov. 23 should submit a request by Tuesday, Nov. 17.

During the next three weeks, news stories and emails will keep the campus up to date. The webpage will have the latest information on the project.

UWinsite Student is expected to be online as usual on Nov. 23.

Email questions related to the UWinsite Student Project to Anyone experiencing an issue with UWinsite Student should open a ticket and it will be routed to the right area for help.

Windows 11 Start screen

Windows 11 will roll out for eligible campus PC users beginning Nov. 2. It will feature a refreshed look, more functionality to organize your desktop, and enhanced integration.

Users with compatible Windows 10 devices will receive a Windows Update prompt on their PCs when Windows 11 is available for their devices. Information Technology Services discourages upgrading before this message is received, as manually upgrading to Windows 11 may not supply the best experience, or it could result in a failed installation.

“We recommend that individuals who receive the prompt to upgrade to Windows 11 schedule at least an hour update. Pick a time that is quieter for you, perhaps when you are free of important deadlines, exams, or meetings for proper installation and to get comfortable with the updated environment,” says Stephen Karamatos, manager of technology and innovation in IT Services. “Remember this upgrade is optional at this time so immediate action is not required.”

More information on upgrading your workstation can be found in a knowledge base article.

In addition to performance improvements, Windows 11 offers a modernized desktop appearance with snap layouts to customize the layout of windows. There is monitor recognition offering continuity to users working remotely and on-campus on different devices. Microsoft now places the Start menu at the centre of the screen. Teams will now integrate into the taskbar for easier access.

Watch a Tech Talk showing some of the new Windows 11 features with Carl Amlin from IT Services.

Windows 10 will continue to be supported by Microsoft until October 2025. IT Services also advises that when buying a new computer, ensure either that it comes with Windows 11 preinstalled or is Windows 11 compatible. Additional questions regarding new computer purchases can be referred to IT Services.

Tech Talk logo

The University uses device management to manage corporate devices and personal ones (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD) used by the campus community, including desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices.

Learn more about device management, why it is used, and its relevance to you by watching Information Technology Services team member Alisa Giroux-Souilliere explain the basics in this 151-second Tech Talk video.

Tech Talk is a presentation of IT Services. More Tech Talks are available at

CampusGo displayed on smartphone

Navigating the University of Windsor campus is now as simple as following turn-by-turn directions.

The University has launched “CampusGo,” an all-new app that offers accurate and convenient wayfinding of the UWindsor campus.

Users can quickly search and find campus buildings, services, and selected classrooms across campus through the easy-to-use app. CampusGo’s intuitive interface also labels designated entrances, exits, and the location of QR scanners in each building as part of the University’s Return to Campus health and safety protocols.

CampusGo was created by Mapsted, the world's leading indoor positioning system developers. Indoor navigation is precise to within three metres and requires no WIFI or GPS positioning beacons.

The app can be downloaded via the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) marketplaces. The wayfinding technology and interactive campus maps are also available through any mobile or desktop web browser.

“Finding a classroom in a growing institution with over 40 buildings can sometimes be a challenge,” says Jennie Atkins, who along with Emmeline Ventimiglia led the project to bring wayfinding technology to the UWindsor campus with support and implementation from Facility Services and Information Technology teams. “With CampusGo, you can quickly select your desired destination and it will provide turn-by-turn directions right to the appropriate door.”

According to associate vice-president operations Anna Kirby, “This is incredibly helpful given our revised access to buildings and COVID-19 safety protocols. CampusGo will make for a better on-campus experience for anyone who uses it.”

Campus accessibility is also promoted through CampusGo. Accessible entrances and parking are listed, along with general safety and convenience items such as the location of campus emergency call stations and visitor parking.

“We are very excited to be working with the University of Windsor to implement our Location Positioning Technology,” says Mapsted co-founder and chief operating officer Saeedeh Hamidifar. “Leveraging our patented machine learning and data fusion algorithms will elevate UWindsor’s experience for students and visitors by enabling effortless campus navigation.”

The app is an ideal companion to the Safe Lancer App that is required for QR scanning to enter campus buildings.