Indigenous Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

Students can apply to awards and bursaries offered from the University of Windsor directly on their UWinsite Student Homepage under Award Profile. Applications for Law Students are available on/after August 1

Law students who wish to be considered for law-specific awards must complete their UWinAward applications by September 30. Information about how to navigate your UWinAward Application/Profile can be found here.

Law students receiving OSAP may apply for consideration for supplemental institutional support if they face financial challenges.


Can-Am Urban Native Non-Profit Homes (Windsor) 

Number of awards: 1 award of $1000

Can-Am Urban Native Homes is committed to providing affordable, suitable and safe homes for people of Indigenous ancestry living in the City of Windsor. Delivering housing, programs and services that promote the dignity, well-being and rights of Indigenous People. Awarded to an indigenous student entering their first year of Law school. Financial need may be considered.

Number of awards: 1 award of $6200

Interest from this trust will be awarded to an Aboriginal Law student based on financial need, academic excellence and commitment to the Aboriginal community. Applicants must also submit "Letters of Support" documenting their involvement in the Aboriginal Community.  The scholarship was established in 2002. Apply on-line.

Dr. Beverly Jacobs Entrance Scholarship Award For Indigenous Leadership 

Number of awards: 1 award of $1500

Awarded to a full-time Indigenous Law student who has demonstrated leadership qualities and who has made a contribution to the Law school and/or University community to enhance the understanding and respect for Indigenous knowledge, culture and perspectives. Applicants must be in good academic standing and have proven financial need. Apply on-line.

Fred Bartley Memorial Entrance Scholarship For Indigenous Students

Number of awards: 1 award of $1500

Awarded annually to an indigenous student entering their first year of Law school. Applicants must have proven financial need.

Number of awards: 2 awards of $600

Candidates must be of Aboriginal ancestry (status, non-status, Metis, Bill C31, Innu and Inuit), maintain satisfactory academic standing and demonstrate financial need.  Apply on-line. 

Indigenous Post-secondary Education and Training Bursary 

Offered through the Government of Ontario

The Government of Ontario has created a bursary fund to support students of Indigenous ancestry (Aboriginal person, that is, First Nations, Metis or Inuk (Inuit).  Eligible candidates must be able to demonstrate financial need and provide documented sources of support. Candidates must also be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents (includes those with Protected Persons status) and meet Ontario residency. Apply on-line.

Justice Harry S. LaForme Entrance Bursary for Aboriginal Law Students 

Number of awards: award of $500

One bursary will be presented to all Aboriginal students entering Law I upon the successful completion of the Pre-Law Summer Orientation Program at Windsor Law.  This bursary was established in 2007 to recognize the appointment of Justice LaForme to the Court of Appeal for Ontario.  Justice LaForme is the first Aboriginal Person appointed to an appellate court in Canada. Assigned. No application required.

Law Award for Indigenous Students 

Number of awards: 1 award of $1800

One award is granted annually to a full-time Indigenous Law student in any year of study.  Based on good academic standing (minimum cumulative average of 70% required). This award was established in memory of Joni Murphy, teacher of American Indian Narratives at Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas.  Assigned. No application required.

Law Society of Upper Canada Education Equity Awards

Presented to an upper-year student in good academic standing. Applicants must be either a visible minority, an Aboriginal person, a gay or lesbian person or a person with a disability. Applicants must also exhibit financial need and demonstrate a commitment to advancing equity for disadvantaged groups in the community. This award was established by LexisNexis in 1994.  Apply on-line.

Number of awards: 1 award of $10,000

One award valued at $10,000 renewable for 2 additional years to a Year 1 Law student who is interested in pursing a career in the legal profession with the goal of supporting and advocating for anti-racism. This scholarship is open to all students however preference will be given to students who self-identify as a member of the Black, Indigenous or People of Colour community. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on several factors including their demonstrated experience in anti-racism advocacy and a clear articulation of how they will leverage their legal careers to tackle systemic discrimination. Select recipients of the scholarship will also be provided an opportunity to interview for a co-op or internship opportunity at Scotiabank. Apply on-line.

Stewart and Lysaght Dual JD Prize 

Number of awards:  2 awards of $10,000 USD and $10,000 CDN

Recipients selected for the incoming class of 2022 will include exceptional students who identify as Black or Indigenous who have strong interests in transnational law and social justice and aspire to pursue transnational social justice careers following graduation. Students selected for this award will receive a $10,000 USD scholarship applied to their Detroit Mercy Law tuition and a $10,000 CDN scholarship applied to their Windsor Law tuition for the standard three-year duration of the Program. Admitted students are invited to interview for the Stewart & Lysaght Award based on their application.

Stuart H. Surlin Bursary for Aboriginal Students 

Number of awards: 2 awards of $600

In recognition of Dr. Surlin's interests in Aboriginal culture and values, a bursary fund has been established in his name to assist in-course Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (includes those with Protected Persons status) students of Aboriginal ancestry residing in Ontario in completing their studies at the University of Windsor. Bursary awards in varying amounts will be awarded to Aboriginal students according to financial need. A minimum cumulative average of 65% is required.  Apply on-line. 

Windsor Law Aboriginal Scholarship
Number of awards: award of $2700

One scholarship will be presented to each aboriginal student upon the completion of the Pre Law Summer Orientation Program. This scholarship is renewable for each year of study at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. This scholarship was established in 2014 by Windsor Law. Assigned. No application required.

Windsor Law Entrance Award for Indigenous Students
Number of awards administered per year: up to six valued at $10 000 each

One award will be presented to up to six Indigenous Law students Indigenous to Canada and the United States, entering
Law I.  Recipients ordinarily will be required to successfully complete Windsor Law's Pre-Law Summer Program.


For more information on each of these awards, please please reach out to our Indigenous Legal Studies CoordinatorMichelle Nahdee. You can also visit the Aboriginal Education Centre website. Questions can also be emailed to Student Awards & Financial Aid for assistance.

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