David Tanovich

Tanovich’s rap research featured in Los Angeles Times

David TanovichDavid Tanovich

Professor David Tanovich’s rap research was featured in a September 30 Los Angeles Times article entitled, "In Canada, prosecutors are using suspects' own rap lyrics to win convictions." The article cites Tanovich saying, ""Courts must … recognize the very real likelihood that rap lyrics will trigger racialized stereotypes when assessing the prejudicial effect of the evidence."

Read the full article here.

SLAW features op-eds by Windsor Law students


As part of SLAW’s law student week, the op-eds of Lindsay Carbonero and Cathleen Breenan written for Professor Tanovich’s Legal Profession class were featured.

Lindsay wrote about the importance of making mental health a professionalism issue. Cathleen wrote about why retired judges should not be permitted to return to practice. (links below)