David Tanovich

Windsor Law finds success in mooting competitions

Recognizing that experiential learning is a key component of providing a rigorous legal education, the Advocacy and Mooting Program at Windsor Law engages students each year in a variety of mock advocacy competitions including mooting (appellate advocacy), mock trial competitions, mock mediation, client counseling, and negotiation competitions.

Windsor Law reports the following successes for the 2019-20 mooting season:

Adam F. Fanaki Competition Law Moot

Regulating Inductive Reasoning in Sexual Assault Cases

Tanovich, David, “Regulating Inductive Reasoning in Sexual Assault Cases,” in Berger, Ben; Cunliffe, Emma; and Stribopoulos, James, [TBD (On Justice Marc Rosenberg)] (Toronto: 2017, Carswell)

Windsor Law Faculty Author: David Tanovich