Employment & Educational Equity Policy


Employment and educational equity can be defined as a goal that could be achieved through practices designed to eliminate discriminatory barriers that interfere with the hiring, promotion, and training of four groups: women, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities. At the University of Windsor, sexual minorities are a fifth designated group.

The University of Windsor is committed to providing an environment within which employment and educational equity can be achieved.

The University of Windsor, through analysis of the workforce data, will eliminate any employment barriers and discriminatory practices that exist; it will apply measures to ensure equal preparation and opportunities for advancement and promotion of designated groups within the university; and it will ensure appropriate representation of target groups throughout the university's workforce.



  1. To increase awareness of the university community about the principles, goals and benefits of the Employment and Educational Equity Program.
  2. To provide an environment that encourages and fosters full participation of members of designated groups in the university community.
  3. To encourage members of designated groups to develop their abilities and aspirations to assume leadership positions in the university community.


  1. To identify and eliminate all policies and practices that may serve as potential barriers to the employment and advancement of members of designated groups.
  2. To increase the representation of members of designated groups in the university workforce to reflect the diversified composition of the Canadian society as a whole.


  1. To provide the students with positive role models from members of the designated groups.
  2. To encourage the participation of under-represented students in academic programs, e.g. female students in non-traditional programs.
  3. To ensure that the academic and personal development needs of designated groups are met by the university.