Printing, faxing & photocopying

OPUS offers printing, faxing & photocopying services to part-time undergraduate students. A professional quality laser printing service is available to print term papers, resumes, cover letters, etc. A full faxing service is also available at reasonable rates. With assistance from an OPUS Staff Member, part-time students have access to photocopying services at ONLY 10 cents per copy.


OPUS offers Part-Time students the ability to send and receive faxes. Unfortunately, OPUS can only send out faxes within Canada & the USA. OPUS charges an initial cost to send and receive a fax, and a small charge for each additional page.

The cost to send a fax is:

  • 50¢ (local) initial charge
  • $1.00 (long-distance) initial charge
  • 10¢ - each additional page

The cost to receive a fax is:

  • $1.00 initial charge
  • 10¢ each additional page

Our Fax number is (519) 971 - 3623


OPUS offers Part-Time students the use of a computer and printing services. Multiple computer stations are located in the OPUS lounge and is available for academic use only. Students are able to check their webmail, access their class notes and use it for research purposes.

The cost to print or photocopy is:

  • 5¢ per page for printing (black and white only)
  • 10¢ per page for photocopying

(Maximum of 50 pages per day, 20 for photocopying, NO TEXTBOOKS)