Introducing a Research PosterGraduate student Shuo Liu introduces her research poster in Special Topics: Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse International Studenets

Teaching students is the reason I began and continue my career working in higher education.  But it might be better to say that my passion really is about facilitating student learning.

Here are a few words from my teaching philosophy that speaks to how I achieve both teaching and learning at the University of Windsor.

"I facilitate individual student learning by identifying the unique characteristics of each student and offering a blend of instruction, coaching, and mentoring to support their individual educational development so that they can achieve “bonitatem, disciplinam, scientiam” or goodness, discipline and knowledge. For me, education is a highly humanistic and individualized experience in which both teachers and students are responsible for learning. I teach to help students find their own pathway to success—both inside and outside of the classroom—by emphasizing individual student learning, the pursuit of knowledge, self-improvement, and respect for self and others."