Meet the Researchers

Dr. Chris Houser

Chris Houser is Dean for the Faculty of Science, and head of the University of Windsor Coastal Research Group. Houser's research focuses on how to define and map coastal landscapes, interpret how they will recover from extreme storm events, and how to properly manage coastal hazards to increase the safety of beach goers. 

Dr. Chitra Rangan

Chitra Rangan is an Associate Professor for the Department of Physics. She is currently Acting Associate Dean for the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Her research looks at control of nanoscale light-matter interactions: theory and computation.

Dr. Cathrine Febria

Cathrine Febria is an Assistant Professor Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) and Assistant Professor Freshwater Restoration Ecology in the Department of Integrative Biology & GLIER, Director of Healthy Headwaters Lab, Co-Director of GLIER Organic Analysis & Nutrient Facility driven by the mission to restore freshwater ecosystems to full health for the benefit of future generations. Febria has brought together individuals with diverse gifts to work together in pursuit of research excellence, beneficial local to global impacts, in a de/anti-colonized, holistic, and partnership-focused approach.

Dr. Dan Xiao

Dan Xiao is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics. Xiao's research revolves around Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methodology developments, including programming new experiments and building new hardware; Machine learning based MR data processing; Novel MRI applications.