Computer Science Colloquium #2 by Mr. Paul Preney: "Leveraging High-Performance, Advanced, and Cloud Computing at the University of Windsor"

Friday, October 4, 2019 - 11:00 to 12:00

The School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor is pleased to present…


Computer Science Colloquium

Mr. Paul Preney
When:  Friday October 4, 2019 at 11:00am
Where:  Chrysler Hall North G100 


The University of Windsor is a founding member of SHARCNET, now a consortium of 19 Ontario academic institutions, which provides high performance computing clusters, storage, and cloud resources and services to its researchers. SHARCNET is also part of Compute Ontario which is part of Compute Canada. Collectively these organizations work together to seamlessly provide Canadian researchers access to compute clusters, storage, and clouds. This presentation will introduce and explain what SHARCNET is, does, its offered services, and available resources for researchers and their students.


Paul Preney is the on-campus representative for SHARCNET, Compute Ontario, and Compute Canada supporting researchers with high performance and advanced computing needs here at the University of Windsor and elsewhere in Canada.
Mr. Preney has an Hon. B.Sc. (Biology and Computer Science); M.Sc. (Computer Science); B.Ed. (Teachables: Biology and Computer Science); and is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). He is also a member of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Mirror Committee to SMC/JTC 1/SC 22 (Programming languages) and is a Subject Matter Expert of the SCC Mirror Cmte to SMC/JTC 1/SC 22/WG 21 (C++). He has taught courses at the secondary level and as a sessional instructor in Computer Science and Education at the University of Windsor.
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