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Graduate Programs

A Windsor Welcome!

The School of Computer Science offers several dynamic graduate programs. These include a Doctoral Program in Computer Science, Master’s in Computer ScienceMaster’s in Computer Science, AI Specialization  – a specialization program endorsed by the Vector Institute in Artificial Intelligence, a Master of Applied Computing, and Master of Applied Computing, AI Specialization.  Graduates of these programs will be provided with a most advanced and relevant education offering an excellent springboard for their future careers.

Our diverse faculty are involved in cutting edge research in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Bio/Health - informatics, cyber/data security, databases, data mining, big data analysis, theoretical computer science, software and web engineering, vision, and pattern recognition. Visit our Research website for further information. These active research labs produce numerous publications which are published in high impact factor venues every year. Many of our highly reputed faculty members have been awarded grant funding, or work in collaboration with industry,  which may provide research assistantship and conference presentation opportunities for students under their supervision. 

Equipment is of the latest technology with high-performance desktops, clusters, mobile robots and wireless networking. The proximity of some of the graduate labs result in opportunities for discussion and possible exciting collaboration among peers from different research groups.  
Graduate level courses are offered every term (Fall, Summer, and Winter). Some courses are designed as a broad overview of important topic areas, while others have focused exploration. See the current University of Windsor Graduate Calendar for more information of the courses offered.

Begin one of these graduate programs and you will be welcomed into an energetic, active group of students, faculty and staff. You will always have help and support while navigating your respective program, but you will also be challenged to excel and succeed.  Finally, expect to develop instant friendships with your peers to enhance your experience at the School of Computer Science, University of Windsor.  All faculty, staff and current students look forward to meeting you upon your arrival and wish you every success!


Program Overview and Intake Information

We are excited that you are considering the University of Windsor for your graduate education. 

PhD in Computer Science

The PhD program in Computer Science will produce excellent Computer Scientists capable of conducting high-quality research and have deep understanding of the subject and can make significant contributions to academic institutions and to industry after their graduation. This is completed through qualifying examinations (within the first few terms after entering the program), course work completion, comprehensive examinations. seminar presentations, and culminating in public oral dissertation research proposal and dissertation defense.
See this link about the PhD Qualifying Examinations
PhD Application Deadlines
Deadline for Fall:  April 15th
Deadline for Winter: August 15th
Note: Applicants must submit the School of Computer Science PhD Research Statement Form in their application. (*Failure to submit the required template will result in delays in processing of your application)

MSc in Computer Science

The thesis-based Master of Science in Computer Science program includes course work in specialized areas of computing technology, applications, and theory, as well as participation in research-oriented seminars, and culminates in an original research thesis proposal and defense. There are MSc in AI specialization and COOP opportunities.

MSc Application Deadlines
Deadline for Fall:  April 15th
Deadline for Winter: August 15th
Deadline for Summer: December 15th
Note: Applicants must submit the School of Computer Science MSc Study Plan/Research Statement Form in their application. (*Failure to submit the required template will result in delays in processing of your application)

Master of Applied Computing (MAC)

The Master of Applied Computing is a professional program that will provide students with a solid foundation and knowledge of industry-oriented practical aspects of Computer Science, which will enablethem to take up positions in the growing software industry in Canada and around the world.

MAC Application Deadlines: Due to the high volume of applications, admission deadlines frequently change. Refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies MAC webpage for deadlines.

*Note:The School of Computer Science encourages international applicants to apply early due to the length of time involved in obtaining Study Visa, arranging travel, etc.