New to the School of Computer Science?

We are excited to have you join us.  Our main concern is to ensure you have a smooth transition to 1st year Computer Science.

Things you may need to know:

You should have by now activated your UWin ID account and then your Computer Science account (which you can do at:

Computer Science Summer 2024 lectures begin Monday, May 6, 2024.  Labs typically begin after the first week of lectures, but check with your instructor to make sure.

Each course is linked to BrightSpace.  Once you log in to Brightspace, you can see a list of all your classes and access each one.  Each course should have a course syllabus provided which cannot be changed after the add/drop period is over (May 12 for 6 week courses and May 19 for 12 week courses).

All 1st year students (with the exception of degree completion program students) beginning in Summer 2024, should be registered into COMP1000 + LAB; COMP1400 + LAB; MATH1250 + LAB; Elective 1 & Elective 2.  If you are NOT registered in these COMP and MATH courses yet, please register now.

The School of Computer Science website contains a lot of helpful information for you to ensure you are successful.  Much of that information is under Academic Planning Resources and Technical Resources.  You should refer to these two pages often.

Should you have any questions/concerns at all, please contact the Undergraduate Program Secretary (Guru) Ms Tina Palmer by sending her an e-mail at - PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER.  Requests may also be sent to or message Margaret Garabon on Teams.

FREE TUTORING AVAILABLE to all Computer Science students.  The schedule for Tutoring will be posted under the Academic Resources page soon.

Please remember that we are here to make this a positive experience for you.  In order to make your stay with us more enjoyable, we provide you with a Handbook for Success. The Handbook contains a lot of helpful information about various situations you may encounter, such as: course sequencing, course registration, extracurricular activities, technical resources, staff listing, etc.  Please read it and keep the link handy throughout your academic career with us. 

Set your priorities.  This education is your investment for your future.  It will be your full-time or part-time occupation for the next few years.  Explain this to your family and friends.  Concentrate on your studies and on computer science and technology wherever possible.  You will find a rich and rewarding experience here that will set you up for future success, only if you have the proper mindset of listening, learning, communicating, programming and understanding with a positive attitude.  The road to success is paved in hard work!