Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science has its roots in electrical engineering, logic, mathematics, and linguistics. In the last half-century, computer science has emerged as a distinct discipline and has also developed its own methodology and technical language. Computer science focuses primarily on the fundamentals of computer languages, operation systems, and the mathematics needed for computation.

Today, there are very few professions that do not rely on the use of computers for information processing and problem solving. A degree in Computer Science is an excellent foundation for a wide range of careers in business, science and the creative industries. Studying Computer Science goes beyond simply learning practical IT skills, to understanding and finding solutions to many of the new challenges facing today's computer-dominated world. 

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Facts about Computer Science @ UWindsor:

  • 100% of graduates employed post-graduation.
  • $1000 entrance scholarships for incoming female undergraduate students.
  • $70,000 in undergraduate scholarship awards.
  • $70,000+ in graduate research support.
  • $30,000+ in graduate student scholarship support.
  • 29+ community recruitment and retention events.