Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS Windsor) have officially partnered up with Mossé Cyber Security Institute in Melbourne Australia

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS Windsor) have officially partnered up with Mossé Cyber Security Institute to provide a Cyber Education and Learning platform to our Cyber Lancers.

Benjamin Mossé, CEO of Mossé Security from Melbourne, Australia will be providing our Cyber Lancers with two platforms: MRI Online Internship and Vetted Cyber Talent Freelancing to enhance their skills in Cybersecurity and land their first job.

Our Chapter members will have access to these platforms and will be required to complete 65 practical exercises in different areas of Cybersecurity to receive an Industry Recognized Certificate.

1. Security Tools

2. Penetrating Testing

3. Cyber Defence

4. Threat Hunting

5. Secure Software Development

6. Red Teaming

Within only 3 days of our official announcement, more than 50 undergraduate and graduate students, and community members have joined this platform to enhance their skills in Cybersecurity.

Philip Pham, a third year Undergraduate Computer Science student who is taking this Online internship now, stated that, “I like the hands-on approach style of teaching, rather than just learning by reading or watching videos and doing a multiple choice/short-answer tests, this platform allows one to actively practice white-hat hacking with professional feedback and gives you lots of experience that is relevant for the workplace in a cybersecurity position”

One of our Master of Applied Computing (MAC) members stated that, “As an Associate Software Engineer and a master’s student, I value the importance of Cyber Security in each Field, so, I wish to upgrade my knowledge through this learning platform.”

This learning platform is equipped with the skills to be a valued member of any industry technology or security team and provide the rigor to research and deliver appropriate technology solutions.

To learn more about the learning platform, watch our full interview with Mr.Benjamin Mossé, CEO of Mossé Security  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXwVbLQYmT8&t=1562s.  Mr. Mossé tours the MRI - Online Internship and VCT Platform and also talks about the benefits of this internship and the future of Cybersecurity.

If you are a WiCyS Student Chapter member, register for the internship at: