FAQs for Graduate Applicants: M.A. in Economics

This information is for the M.A. in Economics program. 

If you are interested in the MAEP program, please vist this page FAQs for Graduate Applicants: MAEP instead. 

Admission deadline for the regular Economics M1 and M2 graduate program for full time & part time, Canadian & International students for Fall (September) admission is May 1 each year. Applications are closed from May 2 through September each year.  Fall is the only admission time for the regular M1 and M2 programs.

Entrance Scholarship from Graduate Studies are available to full time M2 Canadian/Permanent Residents and International students.  Recipients' tuition for the M2 year is lowered by $3700. Your complete admission application must be received by the University of Windsor, Graduate Admissions by May 1 of the application year. There is no full tuition scholarship. There is no application form for the entrance scholarship. All students who are admitted to the M2 program and have at least A- (80%) Canadian (or equivalent) cgpa for all courses from their previous 4-year degree are recommended by the Economics department for the entrance scholarship.

Graduate or Teaching Assistantships from the Economics Department for Fall semester: Students must apply for the Assistantship, by approximately June 15 of the application year. Graduate Assistant (GA) is for M2 students. Teaching Assistant (TA) is for M1 students. Applications and information and deadlines are available online at https://www.uwindsor.ca/science/economics/467/teaching-assistant-opportunities or at https://www.uwindsor.ca/science/economics/468/graduate-assistant-opportunities

Fall semester (September) is the only admission time for Economics Masters Qualifying (M1) and Masters Candidate (M2) students.

We offer a one-year program called Masters Candidate or M2 and a two-year program called Masters Qualifying or M1. Both of these programs lead to a master’s degree in economics. We do not offer a PhD Program. The Masters degree is valid for admission to a PhD Economics program at other universities.

Applicants who are interested in the Master of Applied Economic Policy (MAEP) program should go to the MAEP website at https://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/306/applied-economics-and-policy for information or click on "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MAEP" on the left side of this page. MAEP is applied to separately. Applications to the regular Economics Masters program (M1 or M2) are not considered for admission to the Master of Applied Economic Policy (MAEP) program.  The information, admission requirements and procedures are different for the MAEP program. The MAEP Director is Dr. Nurlan Turdaliev  nurlan@uwindsor.ca 

for the 2-year Masters Qualifying (M1) program:

Minimum cgpa of at least 70% Canadian* in most recent 2 years, all courses plus a minimum cgpa of at least 70% Canadian* in the major area of study. (*or the equivalent to 70% Canadian.)


Previous 3-year undergraduate degree in Economics or in a related field that includes all of these courses listed below:

  • Introductory Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Introductory Macroeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • At least one course University level Calculus
  • At least one course University level Linear Algebra
  • At least one course University level Statistics


for the 1-year Masters Candidate (M2) program:

Minimum cgpa of at least 70% Canadian* in most recent 2 years, all courses plus a minimum cgpa of at least 70% Canadian* in the major area of study. (*or the equivalent to 70% Canadian.)


Previous 4-year undergraduate honours in Economics or the equivalent that includes all of the courses listed above plus:

  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Advanced Macroeconomics
  • At least Introductory Econometrics


* This webpage has some grade equivalencies https://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/364/admission-tools If your country is not on the list, email the Graduate Secretary at kristy.grant@uwindsor.ca .

You do not need to specify if you want the one-year or two-year program. When you apply for admission to the Economics Masters program, your application is considered for both the Masters Candidate (M2) and the Masters Qualifying (M1) programs. The Economics Graduate Committee will recommend to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research if you should be admitted to the one year or two-year program, based on your academic background and references. Graduate Studies makes the final decision.

If your previous Masters degree is less than 2/3 similar to our Masters degree in Economics (the M2 year), you can be considered for admission. See “What courses will I take for my degree?” on this FAQ page to determine if your previous degree is too similar to our degree.

Yes. If you are currently finishing a degree program you may apply for admission if you feel that your transcript provides a sufficient picture of your academic abilities. Most applicants wait until their transcript shows at least first semester grades of their final year to submit their transcript. If admission is offered to the Economics graduate program, it will include the condition that you must provide your final transcript and graduation diploma, showing that you have successfully completed your current studies, have maintained a minimum GPA in the last 2 years of study of at least 70% Canadian (or the equivalent to 70% Canadian) and have completed all of the requirements to graduate from your current undergraduate program.

No. We do not pre-assess applications. Before you apply, please review your academic background using the “What are the Minimum Admission Requirements?” on this FAQ page, to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for our graduate program.

Applications are made online at http://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/354/apply   . The cost to apply is $125. (Canadian).  The application fee cannot be waived.  The online application is operated by the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).  It is not operated by the Economics department or by the University of Windsor.  Please send any questions you have about on-line applications or problems that you encounter with the online application to the OUAC via their website or to  gradadmit@uwindsor.ca  .  Documents and references are uploaded to the application website, not to Economics. 

To login to your University of Windsor online application after you apply, go to the electronic Graduate Application System (eGAS)   http://www.uwindsor.ca/its/eiss/egas/   and choose “Applicant Login”.

2 confidential reports (references).

  • Academic references from former or current professors are strongly preferred but employer references are acceptable if you have been out of school for some time.
  • The reference writers that you list on your application are contacted by the University of Windsor, Graduate Admissions, via email, and are invited to submit their references to Graduate Admissions, online. They are given an online link and a deadline of approximately 3 weeks to submit the reference. After the deadline, their link expires. To reactivate the reference link, the applicant should email the Economics Graduate Secretary at kristy.grant@uwindsor.ca or apply@uwindsor.ca
  • To change your reference writers before they submit a reference, follow the online instructions on the application website.
  • Do not list more than 2 academic references because your application will not be sent to Economics until all of the listed references are submitted.
  • Applicants do not submit their own references/confidential reports because these are confidential.
  • Applicants are notified via email if a reference is submitted for their application but applicants do not have access to see the reference/confidential report.

1 each of any transcripts from universities/colleges/post secondary institutions that you have listed on the online application form.

  • The transcript(s) should include the grading scale/legend used by the institution issuing the transcript.
  • If the transcript shows that credits were transferred from another institution to contribute to your current degree, then the transcript from the other university will be required as well.
  • If the transcripts are not in English, you must upload 1 official English translation for each non-English transcript that is uploaded.
  • If you have attended the University of Windsor, you do not need to order an official University of Windsor transcript.
  • Transcripts are uploaded online to the application, by the applicant. Original documents will be required before the end of the first semester if admission is offered.

• an English Language Equivalency Test is required if you are from a country whose official language/academic background is not English or if your academic background is not English. The English test must have been taken within the last two years. If you defer your admission, please make sure that your English test was taken within 2 years of your new date of admission.

Minimum acceptable English test scores for Economics graduate admission are:

  • TOEFL 83/120 overall score, not the best score number
  • IELTS 6.5 Academic version only
  • Duolingo English 120 overall
  • MELAB 80 overall
  • CAEL 60 overall English language test results are uploaded online to the application, by the applicant.

English language test results are uploaded online to the application by the applicant. If you are admitted, the testing centre will need to send the official original results to the University of Windsor by Aug. 1 of the admission year. The list of countries exempt from an English language test can be found at http://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/364/admission-tools For more information about English tests, go to http://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/346/admission-requirements

If you think that the English test requirement should not apply to you, email the Economics Graduate Secretary at kristy.grant@uwindsor.ca. If Graduate Admissions agrees to release your application without the English test, Economics will review it and make a recommendation to admit or not using your other application material and will send the recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will decide on the English test waiver request. If they require the test, you will need to provide it before they will make their admission decision. The deadline to provide the official English test result, if required, remains as August 1 of the admission year.  The list of countries exempt from an English language test can be found at http://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/364/admission-tools

If you are admitted but have not met the minimum English test requirement at the time that the admission offer was made, the admission offer will have the condition that you must supply the official minimum English test result by August 1 of the year that you will register. Note that the deadline is BEFORE you can register in the Economics Masters program that begins in September. It is not possible to study an English language skills program and the Economics Masters program at the same time.

The University of Windsor has an English Language Improvement Program (ELIP). The ELIP program is full time and usually lasts 12 weeks with programs starting in September, January and May each year. If you want admission to the ELIP program, you must apply directly to the program, following the instructions on their website at https://www.uwindsor.ca/englishlanguagedevelopment/301/elip Remember that the only entry time for the Economics program is September of each year. This means that, for example, if you take ELIP in September and finish ELIP in December, you CANNOT start the Economics program in January - you would have to wait until the following September to join Economics.

This webpage has some grade equivalencies https://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/364/admission-tools If your country is not on the list, email the Graduate Secretary at kristy.grant@uwindsor.ca.

These documents are NOT required for your application:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • letters of intent
  • resumes
  • personal statements
  • writing samples, etc. are not required.

Providing any of these will not affect your chance of admission. Please do not upload these documents as they will not be reviewed.

Entrance test and interviews are not required and not given by the Department of Economics.

No. Finding a graduate supervisor for admission is not required. If you choose to write a major paper, you will need a major paper supervisor at that time. This is usually in the Winter semester of the M2 year. Otherwise, your supervisor for your degree is the Economics Graduate Director, Dr. Dingding Li. Dr. Li will have already reviewed your application materials and recommended you for admission if you are admitted. You do not need to get further permissions from her or from other Economics faculty.

All documents are uploaded, online, through the application website. Follow the instructions on the application website. Please do not send email attachments directly to Economics or to the University of Windsor Registrars Office Graduate Admissions. Economics cannot add your documents to your online application for review. If you want to change your documents or references, or add documents to your application, please contact Graduate Admissions so that they can help you gradadmit@uwindsor.ca

Note that the minimum acceptable final grade in all M1 and M2 courses listed below, is 70%. If a graduate student’s overall cgpa falls below 70%, they will normally be required to withdraw from the program for a minimum of one year.

M1 Masters Qualifying Students Register in these 4 required courses during Fall semester:

  • Introduction to Econometric Methods I ECON-3130
  • Mathematical Economics ECON-4060
  • Advanced Microeconomics I ECON-4230
  • Advanced Macroeconomics I ECON-4330

M1 Masters Qualifying Students Register in these 4 required courses during Winter semester:

  • Senior Research Workshop ECON-4070
  • Introduction to Econometric Methods II ECON-4140
  • Advanced Microeconomics II ECON-4240
  • Advanced Macroeconomics II ECON-4340

Brief M1 course descriptions are at https://www.uwindsor.ca/secretariat/282/undergraduate-and-graduate-calendars in the Undergraduate Calendar.

M1 students who start in Fall (September) should finish the first year of the M1 program by the end of the following April. There are no classes during Summer (May - August) semester. Students who pass all 8 of the M1 courses with a minimum final grade of 70% in every course should start the second year of the program - the M2 year - in the following September. The M2 year is described below.

M2 Masters Candidate Students Register for these 4 courses during Fall semester:

These 3 required courses;

  • Microeconomic Theory I ECON-8010
  • Macroeconomic Theory I ECON-8020
  • Econometric Theory I ECON-8410

PLUS one more Economics graduate level course.

M2 Masters Candidate Students Register for these 4 courses during Winter semester:

These 2 courses;

  • Microeconomic Theory II ECON-8010
  • Macroeconomic Theory II ECON-8020

PLUS two more Economics graduate level course. One of the “two more” Winter courses may be the ECON-8960 major paper course if the student chooses.

Different optional graduate level Economics courses are offered each semester. Brief M2 course descriptions are at https://www.uwindsor.ca/secretariat/282/undergraduate-and-graduate-calendars in the Graduate Calendar.

M2 students who start in Fall semester should complete their degree by the end of the following April, unless they decide to write a major paper and need to register in Summer semester to complete it. When all 8 of the M2 courses (or 7 + major paper) are completed with a minimum final grade of 70% in every course, students should graduate at the May convocation. Students who write a major paper or make-up course during Summer semester should graduate at the October convocation.

Fall course schedules are posted online after April. Winter course schedules are posted online after October. The course offerings can be seen on students’ UWinSite website or on Registrars website under “Timetable Information” at https://www.uwindsor.ca/registrar/541/timetable-information

For the most accurate numbers, including base tuition rates and compulsory incidental fee information, go to the Fee Estimator http://www.uwindsor.ca/finance/fee-estimator to find the cost per semester. Each year is 2 semesters.

Incidental Fees such as Health Insurance and Drug/Dental Coverage are charged in addition to base tuition fees, depending on your citizenship and other factors. You will see these listed on the Fee Estimator after you enter your information. Some incidental fees are charged once per year, or per course. An explanation of these Incidental (also called Ancillary) Fees can be found at https://www.uwindsor.ca/finance/759/student-ancillary-fees . On the list of Incidental fees GSS means Graduate Student Society. https://uwindsorgss.ca/ The fees charged to you will be updated on your own UWinSite website financial tab when you register for classes. Tuition fees are reviewed and updated in May of each year.

The University’s International Tuition Guarantee guarantees tuition rates while a student is in a particular program. When students advance from M1 to M2 they are changing programs. For details about the International Tuition Guarantee, go to https://ask.uwindsor.ca/app/answers/detail/a_id/743/kw/743

Information for Online Fee Estimator

  • Program Type: Graduate
  • Major or Degree: Master of Arts – Economics        (FOR M2 STUDENTS)   OR
  • Major or Degree: Master of Arts – Economics M1  (FOR M1 STUDENTS)
  • Course Load: choose either "Full Time" or "Part Time" as it says on your admission offer. Registration in more than one course is considered full time at the graduate level of study. Usually M2 students take 4 courses per semester.
  • Fee Category: choose either Domestic– Ontario Residence or Domestic– Outside of Ontario or US Neighbour or International as it applies to you.  The 4 categories are explained on the Fee Estimator.

If you will live on campus in a student residence, complete the following.  If you will live off campus, leave these blank.:

M1 students will pay for 2 semesters (Fall & Winter) during their M1 year and complete the M1 year by the end of April. The second year of their program begins in September and is the M2 year.

M2 students normally pay for 2 semesters (Fall & Winter) and complete their degree by the end of April. 

The Fee Estimator does not include textbooks.

Information about how to pay fees are on Cashiers website at https://www.uwindsor.ca/finance/student-accounts

An estimated cost for textbooks per semester is $300. - $400. The University of Windsor's Bookstore website https://www.bkstr.com/uwindsorstore/home has information about textbooks for courses if the professor has provided them with that information. If the textbook is not listed there, you may contact your professor via email to ask them what textbook(s) they will require for their course(s). Economics faculty and email addresses are at https://www.uwindsor.ca/science/economics/459/faculty

M1 or M2 who wish to apply for a Graduate Assistant (GA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) position should go to https://www.uwindsor.ca/science/economics/467/teaching-assistant-opportunities and click on Graduate Assistant (GA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions. The application form for use in any semester is there. The postings/job description, required qualifications, etc. will be posted there in June for Fall applications and in November for Winter applications. You do not have to wait for the postings/job description to apply for a position - you can apply for Fall or Winter TA/GAship at any time before the deadline.  Economics does not normally hire GA/TA in Summer semester. 

GA and TA must be eligible to work in Canada.  If you are an international student your study permit must say that you are eligible to work and must not expire during the semester that you are working.

  • GA positions are for M2 students. GA usually pays approximately $5,000 per semester and requires 10 hours of work per week.
  • TA positions are for M1 students. TA usually pays approximately $1,000 per semester and requires about 3 hours of work per week.

GA and TA hiring is done shortly after the deadline for applications. The Economics Graduate Director will do interviews online (or in person if possible) with eligible applicants. GA and TA are paid bi-weekly via direct deposit to your Canadian bank account.

Scholarships are available to M2 students only. All applicants recommended by Economics for admission to the M2 program are also recommended for a scholarship if their overall gpa is 80% or higher (or the Canadian equivalent) and their complete application was submitted before May 1. There is no application form for the student to complete. If awarded a scholarship, it will lower the tuition cost by $3700 for Canadians/Permanent Residents of Canada or for International students for the M2 year. There is no full scholarship.  Economics is part of the Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Science administration makes the decision to award the scholarship or not. Canadians who are offered a scholarship, will receive the scholarship offer with the admission offer. International students who are offered a scholarship will be informed after June 1, when all potential International scholarship recipients are ranked and funds are allocated by the Faculty of Science.

Here is a list of scholarships and awards from Graduate Studies https://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/456/scholarships-and-awards

The university's Student Awards and Financial Aid office has information about financial assistance as well https://www.uwindsor.ca/studentawards/

Applications are reviewed by the Economics Graduate Committee and recommendations about admission are sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research weekly from October through May. Graduate Studies uses the Economics recommendation to decide if an applicant is admitted or not, and if admitted, to which Economics program – Masters Qualifying or Masters Candidate.
Approximately 2 weeks. When applications are complete, they are released by Graduate Admissions to the Economics Department. You will know that your application has been sent to Economics when the status changes to “In Process”. Recommendations of the Economics Graduate Committee to admit to Masters Qualifying (M1) or Masters Candidate (M2) or to reject, are sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies usually within 10 days of when the application is sent to Economics. The Economics recommendation is not the final decision and is not posted online. The Faculty of Graduate Studies uses the Economics recommendation to make the final decision to admit or not and will post their decision on your application website. Graduate Studies will also send you an email. If you are admitted, the official admission offer letter will be on your application website.

You will have 3 weeks from the date of the admission offer to respond (accept, decline, defer) via the eGAS website by clicking on the “Offer Acceptance” tab and making your choice. Remember to click “Save”. The deadline to respond is in the offer letter.

  • If you do not respond before the deadline, your admission offer is withdrawn. You will need to email the Economics Graduate Secretary at kristy.grant@uwindsor.ca or apply@uwindsor.ca to request to have the deadline extended.
  • There is no deposit required to accept the offer or to hold your place in the program.
  • There is no fee to defer the offer to the following September, but if you defer, you cannot “un-defer”. Here is information about deferring http://ask.uwindsor.ca/app/answers/detail/a_id/687/kw/how%20do%20i%20defer
  • If you accept but then want to defer, you can do that by emailing apply@uwindsor.ca until the final date for registration in Fall semester which is usually around September 20.

Important Academic Dates can be found at https://www.uwindsor.ca/registrar/events-listing

The University of Windsor welcomes students from countries all over the world and has an active International Students Centre. Important information for international students can be found at http://www.uwindsor.ca/international-student-centre/ .

You will also find help regarding arrivals, for example, the Soft Landing Program for new international student arrivals. Questions about study permits, post graduate work permits, inviting family to visit, working on and off campus, etc. should be directed to the International Students Centre.  These topics and others are covered on the International Students website.

International students should check with their closest Canadian embassy/consulate/high commission regarding the most up-to-date rules and student visa processing times.

Economics cannot advise you about Canadian government matters such as visa requirements. Economics cannot contact Canadian embassies/consulates/high commissions on students’ behalf. The International Students Centre has immigration advisors. https://www.uwindsor.ca/international-student-centre/54/immigration