Honours Bachelor of Science in Economics

Degree Requirements:

Total courses: forty.

(a) ECON-1100, ECON-1110, ECON-2120 (or STAT-2950), ECON-2210, ECON-2220, ECON-2310, ECON2320, ECON-3060, ECON-3130, ECON-4140, ECON-4230, ECON-4330, ECON-4060, ECON-4240, ECON4340, and five Economics elective courses at the 3XXX or 4XXX level.

(b) COMP-1047, MATH-1250 (or MATH-1260), MATH-1720 (or MATH-1760), MATH-1730, MATH-1020, STAT-2920, plus one additional course (2XXX-level or higher) from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

(c) An additional 13 courses, a maximum of which two may be Economics courses. Courses used to calculate the major average are: courses listed under requirement (a), and any courses taken in the major area(s) of study.