Certificate in Quantitative Economics

Admission Requirements

Open only to students currently enrolled in a degree program and in good academic standing in their program.

Degree requirements

Total courses: 8

Required courses: (5 courses)

ECON-1100 Introduction to Economics I

ECON-2120 Intermediate Statistical Methods (or STAT-2950 Introduction to Statistics)

ECON-3060 Mathematical Economics I

ECON-3130 Introduction to Econometric Methods I

ECON-4600 Cost-Benefit Analysis/Excel application in Economics

Take 3 Additional Courses:

ECON-3850 Public Sector Economics: Expenditure

ECON-4860 Public Sector Economics: Finance

ECON-3730 International Economics: Trade Theory and Policy

ECON-3740 International Economics: Exchange Rates and Balance of Payments

ECON-4140 Introduction to Econometric Method II

MSCI-1000. Introduction to Business Data Analysis

MKTG-3370. Quantitative Analysis for Marketing Decisions

FINA-2700. Business Finance I

COMP-2067 Programming for Beginners

COMP-1400 Introduction to Algorithms and Programming I

COMP-1410 Introduction to Algorithms and Programming II

COMP-1400 is a prerequisite and thus should be taken before enrolling in COMP-1410

While this certificate program is designed for economics students, it is available to any student with an interest in quantitative economics who has available electives (particularly mathematics, computer science, and business students). However, students in degree programs outside of science will likely be required to take additional courses beyond what is included in their degree program.