Certificate in Economic Analysis and Policy

Admission Requirements

Open only to students currently enrolled in a degree program and in good academic standing in their program.

Degree requirements

Total courses: 8

Required courses: (4 courses)

ECON-1100 Introduction to Economics I

ECON-2210 Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON-3100 Environmental and Resource Economics

ECON-4600 Cost Benefit Analysis

Take 4 Additional Courses:

ECON-2900. Health Economics

ECON-3850. Public Sector Economics: Expenditure

ECON-3730. International Economics: Trade Theory and Policy

ECON-4160. Urban and Regional Economics

ECON-4860. Public Sector Economics: Finance (prerequisite is 2220)

ECON-3310. The Economics of Legal Procedures, Crime and Punishment

ECON-4300. Economic Analysis of Law

ECON-3530. Labour Institutions

POLS-3540. Political Problems of Economic Development

POLS-3550. Political Economy of International Trade

POLS-2120. Environmental Policy and Politics

While this certificate program is designed for economics students, it is available to any student with an interest in economic analysis for public policy who has available electives. However, students in degree programs outside of economics will likely be required to take additional courses beyond what is included in their degree program.