GISc. Certificate

Admission requirements: Open only to students currently enrolled in a degree program and in good academic standing in their program. Open to all programs.

It is highly recommended that students interested in pursuing a certificate, minor or Geography teachable consult with an academic advisor to ensure the courses you would like to take are available and will count toward the certificate, minor or teachable.

Certificate Requirements (9 courses):

  • ESCI-1141 Cartography and Digital Mapping (Fall)
  • ESCI-1151  Fundamentals of GISystems and Science (Winter)
  • ESCI-2701  Geospatial Data Collection and Database Design (Fall)
  • ESCI-2711  Scripting and Programming in GIS (Winter)
  • ESCI-2721  Introduction to Image Processing and Remote Sensing (Winter)
  • ESCI-3701  Geospatial Analysis in GIS (Fall)
  • ESCI-3761  Geostatistical Analysis in GIS (Fall)
  • ESCI-3771  GeoWeb and Geoportal Development (Winter)
  • ESCI-4911  GIS Capstone Research Project (Fall + Winter)

Postcard listing GIS certificate courses