Prospective Students

So you have an interest in Biology?  You have come to the right place!  The Department of Integrative Biology (iBio) provides programs that will prepare you for many different post-graduate goals, including but not limited to professional school* (Medical, Dental, Optometry, Pharmacy, Veterinary), graduate school (at the University of Windsor or beyond), psychologist, psychiatrist, laboratory supervisor/technician, conservation biologist/consultant, ….

The courses offered by the Department of Integrative Biology (iBio) provide a look at “Life” at many different levels.  Studying Biology from DNA to ecosystems requires the integration of knowledge and techniques across multiple disciplines.  Our goal is to provide broad and integrative training and learning within the Biological Sciences.  We recognize that our graduates go into diverse careers that need integrative skills to be competitive.

Please check out our Information Sheet (Things to Know about Biological Sciences and BCN programs) to identify information about high school requirements for iBio programs, what courses will be required for first year, and other relevant details.  You might also want to view the Integrative Biology Experience Map, which will provide an overall view of expectations and opportunities during your four years at the University of Windsor.  If you would like to talk to an Academic Advisor, you can book an advising appointment at

Below is a list of the major degrees that we offer in iBio, with some general information that you might find helpful: 

  • Honours Biological Science is our most flexible program, so that you can mold your choices to your interests and/or requirements needed for your post-secondary studies.  You can choose to complete a 4th year undergraduate thesis.
  • Honours Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience (BCN) is similar to a combined honours program of the Biological Sciences and Psychology degrees, with a focus on behaviour through the study of biology related to the brain and the biological aspects of psychology.  This is a specialized program with limited enrolment.  This program requires completion of a 4th year undergraduate project on a BCN-related topic.
  • Combined Honours is a program consisting of Biological Sciences courses, as well as courses in another discipline.  You will need to check the course requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar for both disciplines. 

*You can apply to a professional school with any undergraduate degree, as long as you have completed all undergraduate course requirements identified by the school.  The degree name is not important, only the necessary courses.  Follow your passion and interests!

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