Current Students

 If you are an incoming undergraduate or graduate student who is new to UWindsor – WELCOME to the Department of Integrative Biology! If you are unsure about the courses you should take in your first year, please check out our Information Sheet (Things to Know About Biological Science and BCN programs).

If you are a returning student, WELCOME BACK to your program!  

You should have received information to assist you in preparing for the upcoming semester.  This includes information relating to academic matters (such as choosing and registering for courses), opportunities for developing various skills (such as informing you about potential Teaching Assistant positions at the undergraduate/graduate level), as well as letting you know about other non-academic opportunities (such as relevant societies, events, etc.). Please check out the various pages on this website.  If you are looking for an Academic Advising form for your program, please go to the Academic Planning for Undergraduate Students page and find your program name under Other Information. If you are planning on completing an Undergraduate Thesis/Project with an iBio faculty member, you will need to complete a BIOL-4904 Research Placement document and submit it to the course instructor for permission to enrol.

If you have any questions about your program or other UWindsor matters, please contact the Biology office (519-253-3000, ext. 2695) and set up an advising appoint to meet with one of the faculty members listed below at


Other Information: