Awards and Scholarships

Entrance Scholarship ($7,500 Per Academic Year)

At the time of admission, both Canadian and International full-time applicants to research-based programs with an admission average of at least 80% (or equivalent) will be considered for entrance scholarships upon the recommendation of their program. Detail information is available on-line at

G.A-Ships ($12,300.40 Per Academic Year)

Students admitted to the Ph.D. Program are eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship (GA). The positions are governed by a Collective Agreement. (See Faculty of Graduate Studies website for the collective agreement and the current hourly rates of pay). At

Full-time Scholarships

SSHRC ($20,000 Per Academic Year)

Full-time students are eligible for and strongly encouraged to apply for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Awards. For further information on the web-based application process and requirements, please see Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) web site at

OGS ($15,000 Per Academic Year)

Full-time students are eligible to apply for Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS). Students applying to the Ph.D. Program should check the application dates as soon as possible. Further information and application forms are available online from the Government of Ontario website

Conference Travel Fund ($500-$750)

Funds are available to full-time graduate students who have made presentations of their research at an academic conference. The amount if each reimbursement will not exceed $500.00 CDN for travel within North America, and $750.00 CDN for travel outside of North America. Further details and the application for this fund can be found at