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Corrida Autotopia

Corrida Autotopia performance

Corrida Autotopia (2012)
Owen Eric Wood, Brent Lee, Nic de Cosson

Corrida Autotopia began with processed recordings created by Brent Lee of the sound environment on Huron Church Rd. near the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, a very busy traffic route. The piece is in three sections: the first section features a 30-minute recording compressed into 90 seconds; the second section features people talking next to an idling transport truck; the third section is a soundwash of processed traffic noises, augmented with sustained tones from two wind instruments. Owen Eric Wood created a single-channel video from a long series of still images taken at the same location; vehicles fade in and out, reappearing in different locations within the frame, all in precise coordination with the audio track. Nic de Cosson created a system through which the movement of toy cars is controlled by the amplitude of each of the solo wind instruments; the cars in the video are motionless, but the toy cars move in small increments.

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Corrida Autotopia performance