autogenia project

The AUTO|GENIA (A|G) project resides at the rich intersection of installation art and interactive musical performance. The A|G project explores this juncture of artistic genres through the creation of a series of progressively more complex installations:

Autonome: a projection-based installation with an interactive audiovisual design
X Vitro: an installation that uses glass objects both as projection surfaces and sonic resonators (performed at the Noiseborder Festival 2018)
Auto(Motion): a large-scale installation that responds to multiple data streams representing the sounds and movements of a large ensemble of musicians

The A|G project is co-directed by Brent Lee and Sigi Torinus,
with the participation of blackhole-factory
(Elke Utermöhlen and Martin Slawig)
and Andrea Sunder-PlassmannSenseLAB.