NBF18 - Analog|Print|Data

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 18:00

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Noiseborder Festival 2018

Workshop and Installation with Alex Curci and Kiki Athanassiadis
May 16, 6PM, Freedom Way, Multimedia Studio


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Through a series of open work sessions at NMPL this past year, Alex Curci and Kiki Athanassiadis explored the potential of using p5.js - a JavaScript library tool for artists - to play with and translate analog aspects of the printmaking shop and print processes. They collected data in the studio via various sensors and created a streaming media work, with the intention of returning to the print studio with that data and re-engaging with the analog print process. They will stream their media piece on the screen next to the Multimedia Studio, and present an artist talk, demo and short workshop on p5.js.​

Kiki Athanassiadis is an artist originally from Montreal, and currently the printmaking technician at the University of Windsor. One of her recent projects will be exploring collaborative aspects of the printmaking studio. Her participatory project Desire and the City: a citizen’s abandoned lot design consultancy was presented at Civic Space in 2013, and was also part of the  2014 Triennial exhibition, at the Art Gallery of Windsor.​

Alex Curci is a visual artist and technologist with an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor.  His interest and investigations into technology has driven his research into exploring the extensive depths of computational systems along with the accumulation of data and information.  His work examines the wired infrastructure needed to support our mobile devices and communications, bringing recognition to the vast network of systems that are constantly at play.

Analog|Print|Data Workshop with Alex Curci and Kiki Athanassiadis

Analog|Print|Data Workshop with Alex Curci and Kiki Athanassiadis

Brent Lee