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At Windsor Law, our greatest asset is our people. Our faculty are engaged in current legal and social issues and their Legal Research is changing the world. 


“Windsor Law’s commitment to access to justice is one of the things that sets it apart. That commitment is manifest in many of the school’s institutional features, in our faculty research, in our course offerings, our admissions policy and our dedicated social justice careers coordinator. It sets the tone of the place.” Professor Claire Mummé.


“Windsor is a border city and Windsor Law takes full advantage of that - as a result there is no better place in Canada to study law in its transnational and global context. It has been immensely gratifying to see many of our students carve out international law careers after they graduate.” Dean Christopher Waters.



"Windsor Law is a community in the best sense of the word. It is a place where administrative staff, librarians, faculty members and students occupy a common space, interact with one another and enjoy a sense of belonging and fellowship. Where people share a common commitment to their respective communities, to a spirit of volunteerism and social responsibility. A place where excellence is encouraged, civility and compassion expected, collaboration and shared." Professor and Associate Dean Jasminka Kalajdzic.



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William E. Conklin, "The Peremptory Norms of the International Community," The European Journal of International Law . . . read more.

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