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Master of Engineering Coop

Master of Engineering

The Co-operative Education Program offers students the opportunity to combine their classroom experiences with related work experiences. Students who apply and are accepted into the Co-operative Education Program must successfully complete one paid work experience, 4 months in length. The experience gained while participating in a supervised work placement is viewed as an integral component of the student's educational program. Students will make contacts and build their networks, which will help them find employment upon graduation. There is no better way than this to begin formulating your future career plan.

Master of Engineering Programs

  • Civil Engineering Co-op
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Co-op
  • Mechanical Engineering Co-op
  • Materials Engineering Co-op
  • Industrial Engineering Co-op
  • Environmental Engineering Co-op



  • TERM 1: Study
  • TERM 2: Study
  • TERM 3: Work
  • TERM 4: Study


Academic Requirements:

Candidates meeting the following minimum admission requirements will be considered. However, the number of available spots is limited, so only the most qualified candidates will be admitted:

  • Must apply for admission into the co-op option prior to study term one (1);
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills;
  • Must be enrolled in full-time studies in the engineering program;
  • Must not be on a leave of absence when taking Transform Module 1 or during the job competition;
  • Must not be planning on taking any courses during the work term;
  • Must not end their program on a work term (i.e., must be returning to school following the completion of the work term).

Continuation Requirement:

  • Must obtain a pass in all courses credited to her or his program, with a minimum overall average of 70%.
  • A grade of less than 60% in any course counts as a failure.


How to Apply

Students can apply for the Master of Engineering Co-op just prior to starting their first study semester.

Students who have formally accepted their offer of admission to the MEng program by a specified date each term, will receive an information package via e-mail with instructions on how to apply for co-op. Admission to the co-op program is highly competitive.  

 Co-op work term placements are not guaranteed.   The process of securing a placement is a partnership between students and Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships. Securing a placement will depend entirely upon the student’s success during the application and the interview processes.


Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Janet Collins
WIL Coordinator, Engineering (Undergrad and Graduate)
Room #1101 Lambton Tower
(519) 253-3000 ext. 2542

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