Co-op work semesters allow students to complete a four-year Honours Degree while gaining the equivalent of one year of career-related work experience. By combining semesters of classroom study with semesters of full-time, paid employment in career-related positions, you will have the best of both worlds as you apply your formal learning to the workplace, and vice versa.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Co-operative Education

Year 1 Application Requirements

Admission to co-operative education after Term 1 of students' first year of study will be based on a minimum cumulative average of 65% and a minimum major average of 70%, along with a successful evaluation of the co-operative education application through Co-operative Education and Workplace Partnerships department.

Continuation Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative and major average of 60% (remaining in good standing).

Future Admissions

Direct admission from high school is available through the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

A typical work-study sequence is as follows:

 Year of Study  




   1    Study    Study (Transform)      Study 
   2    Work     Study    Work
   3    Study    Study    Work
   4    Study    Study    -

Each student accepted into the program will have to complete a non-credit job readiness program, Transform during the winter term of their first year of study. A pass in Transform will allow students to move onto the job competition, where they compete for placement opportunities.

Current Student Admissions

Applications are will be available on mySuccess in December and January of each year. Only year one students in the Honours Englishg program may apply for co-op. Upper year students, General degrees, Thesis, and Combined Honours degrees are not eligible.

Apply on mySuccess


High School (or equivalent) Students

Students can apply for the co-op option when applying to the University of Windsor.

Selecting co-op when applying to the University of Windsor:

  • High school applicants - select the co-op degree program on the Ontario University Application Centre form
  • International applicants - select the co-op degreee program on the Ontario University Application Centre form

Work-Integrated Learning Coordinator
Sydney Murray

Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre, Suite 132
coop@uwindsor.ca | 519-253-3000 ext. 2597