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GATA Award Winners 2011

GA/TA Award for Educational Leadership

Lauren Moffatt (Physics)
Lauren impressed the committee with the range and holism of her leadership efforts, directed at multiple levels for the benefit of multiple parties. By planning, facilitating and participating in events to create a community atmosphere focused on collaboration, growth, and kindness, Lauren created multiple opportunities for people to help each other learn and grow as teachers. Lauren Moffatt is the rare sort of person who is not only deeply reflective, but also able to use that reflection to help others, and driven by a sense of responsibility to confront larger problems that others would rather ignore.  

GA/TA Award for Educational Practice

Melanie Santarossa

Melanie Santarossa (English)
The quality of Melanie's work and understanding of teaching, learning, and assessment was evident throughout her nomination dossier. Not only has she worked at mastering a breadth of pedagogical approaches, she has integrated them into a coherent personal teaching style, in which the cognitive, affective and performative dimensions of her teaching are reflectively aligned. Her teaching strategies are systematic, active, and appropriately pitched for students at various levels. Melanie has also become active in teaching and learning communities locally, provincially and nationally.

Vanessa Bruce, Laura Krasean and Amanda Robinson

Vanessa Bruce, Laura Krasean and Amanda Robinson (Psychology)
This team of Psychology GAs is only the second successful team application for a GA/TA Award. Vanessa, Laura and Amanda demonstrated collectively go the extra mile to interact with and assist students, provide students with learning-centred feedback, and help students see the everyday relevance of quantitative research methods. The committee unanimously agreed that each member could have mounted an impressive case on her own merits, yet the dossier demonstrated how much stronger they were as a well-integrated team, working not in parallel but truly in collaboration.