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GATA Award Winners 2017

GA/TA Award for Educational Leadership

Cody Caba

Cody Caba, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Cody always tried to help students tie in class material with appropriate lab- based examples, driving students to realize their potential, and providing them with a desire for learning." ~ Nomination File

GA/TA Award for Educational Practice

Kennedy Myers

Kennedy Myers, Odette School of Business
"Kennedy was a very respectful and caring TA. She never made anyone feel less intelligent than another; she made you feel at ease and that you had her utmost attention." ~ Nomination File

Sara Santarossa

Sara Santarossa, Department of Kinesiology
"What makes Sara an individual like no other is her kindness. It is evident that she truly cares about the work she does, and the students she teaches. I am grateful to have had her as a professor, and so is any other student in a course of hers." ~ Nomination File