GATA Award Winners 2023

GA/TA Award for Educational Leadership

Recognizes and honours exemplary GAs and TAs who organize, create or otherwise lead initiatives for pedagogical information-sharing, skill-development, or pedagogical innovation, among GA/TAs at the departmental, faculty, or institutional level.

Haesung Ahn

Haesung Ahn, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
"Considering graduate students’ commitment to other duties, such as their coursework and research, it is typically very hard for them to fully meet the instructor’s and students’ expectations. However, I felt that Haesung made many sacrifices to dedicate himself to his GA duties. In my opinion, Haesung is by far the best GA I have ever worked with in my 16-year teaching career at the University of Windsor." ~ Nomination Package

Sheldon Fetter

Sheldon Fetter, Department of Kinesiology
"Sheldon constantly aims to help students succeed in every way possible, whether that be listening to their concerns, spending hours making sure her grading is fair and consistent, or always being the first person to lend a helping hand to someone in need." ~ Nomination Package

GA/TA Award for Educational Practice

Recognizes and honours exemplary GAs and TAs who contribute to a positive, learning-centred environment at the University, and incorporate practical, transferable skill development into learning experiences.

Mark Potter

Mark Potter, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
"Mark's dedication to creating a positive learning environment, incorporating skill development, modeling expectations, and encouraging student engagement sets him apart as an exceptional GA." ~ Nomination Package

Emily Varga

Emily Varga, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research
"I feel lucky to work with Emily and rely on her support and insights; she is a trusted, knowledgeable, and thoughtful colleague, who has had a positive impact on the learning community in our department, and the undergraduate experience of our students." ~ Nomination Package