GATA Award Winners 2021

GA/TA Award for Educational Leadership

Ashley Lehman

Ashley Lehman, Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering
"I have witnessed Ms. Lehman’s go above and beyond the opportunities presented in order to achieve a goal, contribute to her community, and take on responsibility for others." ~ Nomination Package

GA/TA Award for Educational Practice

Layale Bazzi

Layale Bazzi, Department of Physics
"Layale went above and beyond as a TA/GA. Her efforts had made the rigorous materials less daunting which were greatly appreciated by both the students and me." ~ Nomination Package

Irene Muir

Irene Muir, Department of Kinesiology
"Irene is not only a model for how to be a respected, successful, and caring GA and teacher, but also a role model for younger male and female students. She touches all those who are fortunate enough to interact with her. Irene’s passion, creativity, dedication, and humility in the classroom shine through." ~ Nomination Package